From $0 – $9,500 in 17 days with only $250 Ad spend!!!

This case study is mainly to encourage those who might be thinking of giving up. After trying to do a store for months and failing, I hired someone to do them for me, non the less she succeeded. Understanding what I was doing wrong was the problem. But I kept at it until about 17 days ago when I broke the code.

having someone do something for you and it succeeds, doesn’t make you feel so nice, getting something done yourself and it succeed, that feeling is unbeatable. I have been very successful online with FB ads, I consult with some major companies in Africa and even manage their ads, I have had great success with Affiliate marketing with Clickbank,Amazon Niche sites, but drop-shipping wasn’t just working. But it has finally worked.

This is my newest store, but as many of you might notice, I am totally blown away by the results.
The store has gotten 60% of the sales from social, 30% from organic search(Even though I did not do any SEO on it…which even shocks me the most) and the rest from referrals.

I have run a maximum of $250 in ads only, and done a lot more of manual organic sharing and the like. I am planning on scaling the ads to say $200 a day.
Lessons learned, until your pixel is properly seasoned, organic traffic converts a lot better than FB. we were getting a 4.9% conversion before starting on FB traffic, and that number reduced to 1.8%

2-Follow the simple steps. a) Have the right mindset(Spend more time on products and marketing, than you spend on anything else; Don’t give in, keep trying until you succeed)
b) Create a store and brand it
c)Pick a market/Niche and get at least 10 products day to it. If you do this consistently for a month, that will be 300 products! am sure a lot has already been said about product picking and selection, unless you need my own criteria, I will leave it at that,
d)Market Market Market Market….do everything, if you dont have money for facebook ads, you will pay with your time. Here is what my schedule looked like
-Youtube (Unlisted Method) for product review
-Twitter + IFTT
-FB Groups
-FB Ads and IG Shoutouts
-IFTT + Addmefast

Hope this encourages you to not give up. I am doing this from Uganda, with all limitations available. So if I can, then you can!