[How To] Create Huge Targeted Facebook Lists That Convert LIKE A BOSS

This method uses Scrapebox with the Yell addon but if you read through it you can probably see how it could be twisted to work with various tools and services.

I like to think I know what I’m doing in FB Ads Manager and Power Editor. I use it for myself and my clients and overall spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on it. But this method beats any careful selection of audience possible.

No matter how good you are at choosing demographics, topics, interests etc from within the ads manager – this method will absolutely SMASH it. Think in terms of a conversion rate improvement of 10x as a starting point if you do this right.
And it’s not that hard.

This method as described here works best for B2B – however if you are selling any product or service that has a large online community on blogs or forums then you can use a very similar technique

Scrapebox has a built in email grabber – however the paid Addon email grabber and verifier is better and also verifies the emails and does dome fancy URL generation which is very good for getting deep into forums to grab those individual email addresses.

This little method is more for B2B – so adapt and enjoy 🙂

Go to Yell or YP or whichever is appropriate and see what tags your likely customers are indexed under. If you are selling Amazon Fridge Freezers for example you might go “Frozen Food” “Wholesale Food Distributors” or “Food Delivered”. Make a note of these categories.

Fire up Scrapebox and fire up the Yell addon (if you are doing B2B)

Go for the largest region possible with one keyword from your category list at a time. Once you pick the global region for whatever YP directory you are scraping then the addon will only allow on keyword category anyway – so you may need to repeat this step. No biggie

Use proxies if needed, run on 1 thread if you only have 10 or 20 proxies, put delays in as well. Leave this to simmer for a long time for best results.

It will likely scrape thousands of businesses in the field I’m selling to (for B2B) – then use the improved email scraper addon to grab and verify emails from the sites it scrapes.

This is a long process. Scraping Yell needs to be done slowly to preserve proxies, but it can be done. I use a VPS and allow several days to scrape – say 150,000 websites worldwide using the US, UK and Canadian Yell, then another 18-24 hours to go three levels deep grabbing and verifying emails from these sites giving me about a half a million verified emails after dupes are removed.


Then remove generic job title based emails (webmaster, info, admin, sales, contact etc) that might leave me with 150,000 emails.

This is REALLY important as if you leave this on the next step will not work and you might even get a slap from Facebook

Then save the trimmed and verified list as a CSV file.

All this removal and stuff is much quicker in a spreadsheet. If you don’t have Excel download Open Office or use Google Sheets. Both free.

  1. Save your list in CSV or TXT format
  2. Crack open Facebook
  3. Top right dropdown arrow (right at the top of the screen) select Ad Manager
  4. Go to the Audiences tab in Ads Manager
  5. Click the Create Audience button and select the Custom Audience option
  6. Upload the CSV or TXT file list you previously saved
  7. Your custom audience will be ready in about 30 minutes
    • Now market your product to this audience and make money.