The Amazon Copywriting Bible

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Easily Write Copy That Converts Better – FAST

The back button. Nothing hurts sellers more than buyer inaction. Your goal is a 100% conversion rate. Odds are you are nowhere close. You are leaving money on the table. You are sacrificing your rankings. Let me explain.

Amazon wants sales. They reward sellers that convert. Every visitor that does not buy your product hurts your rankings. They make Amazon less likely to showcase your product in searches because you are not making Amazon money. It is a numbers game. The more you sell, the more Amazon makes. That is not all though.

Strong Copy Saves You Money

You are throwing money down the drain. Spending on ads without converting customers costs your business. You could be more efficient. How much is your conversion rate costing you?

But what if your ACOS is okay? You are in the clear right? Wrong. Consider this – increasing your conversion rate increases your sales without increasing ad spend. So, you can bid more, sell more and rank higher, all without spending a cent more on advertising.

Isn’t My Listing Good Enough?

Sure. If you are happy with your business income and not interested in earning more money, this book is not for you. If however you are serious about FBA and want exponential growth, you NEED better conversion rates. Here is why.

An Extra $1000 a Month

That is just a 2% boost in conversions for a $50k seller. That is twelve grand a year, probably much more if you reinvest it. What would that mean for your business? And that is just 2%. Most listings can see much larger jumps just implementing a handful of the techniques in the book.