Wizard Of Ads Audiobook By Roy H Williams

This is one of the greatest marketing pieces of all time, especially the audio book.

In fact, the audiobook is easily by far the most entertaining audio book I’ve ever listened to, and that’s saying a LOT, because I listen to audiobooks ALL THE TIME!!!

I noticed that the book was available in this forum, but didn’t see the audio book anywhere.

The audiobook is EXTREMELY SPECIAL!!! I would strongly suggest you AVOID READING THE BOOK and listen to the audiobook instead. There are sound-effects, music, and there’s so much going on that the added effect gives you an entirely different experience.

Think of your favorite song. How much LESS entertaining would that song be if you simply read the lyrics instead of listening to it? Well it’s the same thing with the Wizard of Ads Audio book vs the Book.

A couple of powerful take-aways from this program:

Quote:“Today’s generation mistakenly assumes we know more about people than any previous generation. In reality, our minds today are mostly crammed with technology, entertainment, and news. Past generations occupied their minds less with technology and more with people. Five minutes in an old book quickly reveals that most of what is being sold today as new insights into human behavior is merely the rediscovery of knowledge we have had for centuries.

To learn things not yet rediscovered, you must read old books. There you will find the wisdom of your ancestors and the keys to your future.”

…Roy H Williams, The Wizard Of Ads

There’s also, “A Two-Peso Weather Report”, which is on p132 of the book, and also somewhere in the audiobook. This was more a lesson in general life for me than it was a lesson in marketing, though it applies to both. This one lesson has actually, to an extent, changed the way I conduct myself in the world.

A lot of the stuff in this book is advice about general life rather than marketing, but it’s extremely useful and you can apply the lessons just as much to marketing.

Enough babbling from me, here’s the program: