Write a Book in your Spare-Time, Self Publish it Yourself, a Key for BIG Success! Actual Case-Study #18972

no matter how many times people tell you, no matter how many times i write about it, no matter how many times countless people tell you exactly the same thing. some people never learn, the year is over, what have you accomplished this year? i share case-study after case-study, one example after another. other people do the same thing, people are making more money than you are, for some, all they do is tell people to write an ebook to make money. as a member of the bbhf for any period of time, you have seen countless examples of terrible ebooks that other people more stupid than you, write and sell. people are selling complete trash and they are making money, isn’t it about time you did?

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this is the story, and casestudy, of a son of scientist, maybe someone like you. he grew up to study computer science and on his spare time is a fan of science fiction, who would have guessed. people call it sci-fi, science fiction is enjoyed by many millions of people around the world. some people have sci-fi on the brain, all they think about is voyages to the stars and other planets, exploring the universe. sci-fi books are so popular on amazon, the 500,000+ books in print are divided into sub-categories. there are over 200,000 sci-fi books for sale in the kindle store, that is ebooks for you noobs. not counting other websites, book sellers and sci-fi related websites, sci-fi movies and tv shows are also part of the countless opportunities available for people to enjoy more sci-fi.

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do you enjoy sci-fi? are you are star wars, or star trek fan? both successful movies, they also have tv shows and tv series, books, cartoons, comics, magazines, toys and t-shirts, just to name a few, the niche is huge. people with sci-fi on the brain read sci-fi books often, other people write the books. they dream about space travel, they dream about aliens, they dream about strange new worlds, do you get the idea? they have no limits, other than their imagination. they also daydream often, do you daydream? do you dream of being rich? if you are here, reading this, you probably do.

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did anyone ever tell you, follow your dreams? you may be following some dream if you are here looking for some kind of magic that will make you rich. you do believe is sci-fi if you think you can download something and get rich. sitting on your arse, watching movies and tv, reading novels and sci-fi saga’s will not make you rich. action is required for a reaction, guess what? people who create the tv shows and movies usually get rich. some are very rich because they created some kind of action happen to make the tv show or movie happen. someone had to take some paper and a pen or pencil and start writing, you actually can write on your computer or tablet device and not have to buy any paper or pens. know what a typewriter is? remember those? people used to write with a device called a typewriter

do you know what this is? lol VVV
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times change, now anyone can write a book if they wanted. some people write for fun, or fun and profit. are you taking notes? anyone can write, only you can decide if it is for fun or profit, or both. even the son of scientist who is a computer science major can start writing a book, like this person did, in 2009. someone who dreamed of being an astronaut and traveling to mars, looking for the princess there. you make be aware of what i am talking about, if not, no worries, not enough time or space to get into it here. so, you want to write a space adventure about travel to the planet mars. set in the near future, so you can research the material you will need for your book.

some people may call him a nerd, but that was his idea, so he began researching facts he could use for the book. a little bit of truth added to fiction makes the fiction more believable, global warming caused by man anyone? he studied astronomy and the history of manned space-flight. he needed ideas for the book to make it more believable and relatable to the present day reader. still not satisfied with the lack of scientific material in his rough draft he studied orbital mechanics, that would do the trick. now he had a manuscript he could send to publishers.

why i am telling you all this? to make the story more believable, lol. if you check, you will see it is the truth, every word. also, to encourage you to write a book other people would want to read, even a novel or sci-fi adventure. ever curl up in bed with a good book? they even sell special pillows for reading in bed. sometimes reading a good book will help you fall to sleep. sci-fi makes some people happy. you need to do something you enjoy, perhaps writing is something you can enjoy. if you do what you love, you can often making money doing it, more often then not, you can make a lot of money.

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before he started writing this book in 2009, he wrote other books. he sent those rough drafts and even some finished books to literary agents. he sent his previous books to many agents, all the agents ignored his books, returned the books, or he was told to start over again and write another book. his name is andy weir, i did not share his name sooner because you may know the name. he tried to get published the traditional way, sending his book to literary agents who deal with traditional book publishers. you often cannot get published without an agent. he really did not do it to make money, but generally, this is the way you make the most money writing books. once you get published, if your first book sells well, a publisher will usually want to sign a contract with you to write additional books, even offering to pay you in advance. are you listening? they will pay you in advance to write more books for them. this is another reason the rich get richer, some writers will even using a co-author.

james patterson is the world-record holder for having the most best-selling books ever listed on the new york times best sellers lists, and some other lists. no other author comes close. james patterson writes a new book almost every other month now, he also uses co-authors to write some of them. this is just one example of many, but this shows you another example of why you may need a partner to help you, even when writing a book. that is how to get ahead in life, sometimes you can use some help, the more the better, depending on the situation. when you have no more ideas and get lost in your mind, you no longer know what to write or how to continue, called writers block, you can try to ask someone else for some advice or ask them to edit your work so far or even help you write the book.

andy weir, failed, many times according to some people, no one wanted his books, refused, rejected, and returned. he did not give up his dream, he did what he enjoyed, he wrote another book. a smart friend gave him some advice, andy was told to share his new book, on his website. like other people, he only shared one chapter. a little positive feedback encouraged him to share the next chapter of his new book, titled, the martian. like writers used to do with short stories, he shared the next chapter and continue to share chapters like a serial of short stories, the author i hinted at before did the same thing, he wrote short stories, later turned into books.

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andy developed some fans who enjoyed his writing, they also asked him when he would release the book. he was advised to self-publish the book on amazon, and this way sold the book for .99 cents, the minimum price allowed. his kindle book, the martian, became an amazon best-seller in the sci-fi category. in three months he sold 35,000 copies on amazon. he did what he loved and made more than $20,000 in three months. it was the end of 2012 when he sold all those ebooks. what have you done since then? what do you do? what do you love? what did you accomplish this year? 2016 is over now, what is your excuse?

the story of andy weir does not end here. this is a case-study after all, if you can believe it, the story will get better from here. because his book was a sci-fi best seller on amazon, andy was now a best-selling author and the book continued to sell well, plenty of good reviews helped, and the author was active online, with his website and social media. because of this, a publisher noticed his new book, in january of 2013 this publisher paid him for the audiobook writes to his bestselling ebook, called the martian. people were talking about his book, and now he had a talking book, lol. all this activity, all his actions caused a bigger publisher to take notice.

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didn’t i say it would only get better, in march of 2013, another major publisher offered him $100,000 for the printing rights to the ebook, now the martian was going to be published for real. on february 11th, 2014 his book was actually published for real. the martian was now a real book for sale in real book stores, online and offline, in the real world. dreams do come true, however this was never really his dream, his dream was to get published, not the money part. funny how the money thing happened by accident, that is what you call an good accident. who said all accidents are bad?

thank you for reading this far. i hope you have a dream, i hope my words sparked an idea in your mind. if not, read it again, or give it some time, think about it, then read my words again, imagine…. dreams do some true. take action! any action you take will cause a reaction, do what you love and perhaps you can make $20,000 in three months selling a .99 cent ebook. you too can dream a publisher will offer to turn your ebook into an audio book, so you can make more money. be yourself, do not cheat, lie or steal. scamming is not the way to make money, one stupid book
can do miracles.

let me continue with this case-study now, sorry, i tend to wander, i am a very big dreamer, i dream big and wonder what can be. anyway, if you must know the book debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list on March 2, 2014, in the hardcover fiction at the twelfth position. almost top 10, lol, or in dollars, over 100,000 copies of his printed novel sold in about 3 weeks making andy weir nearly $350,000, or about $117,000 a week in that time. yes, he continued to make more money, after he made the new york times bestseller list, much more, the sales went to the moon, cough, mars!

i hope you do not think this story is science fiction, it is the honest truth. however, i do understand some things are hard to believe, that is why i left some of the details out. if i told you the whole story, i could fill a book, hey stupid, are you listening? are you getting any ideas yet? did any dream come alive in your mind. the story does get better, because i saved the best for last, or did i? andy weir has an actual best selling book now, making him a an honest to goodness millionaire, and the book still is selling online, on amazon, and in real bookstores around the world. yes, it was translated into several languages, it won many awards, this caused more sales. you will not believe the rest anyway.

so, the best is saved for last. because if i told you what happened in march of 2013, 4 days after he sold the publishing rights for $100,000, you might not believe me, some of you probably think this whole post is fiction, if that is you, i may see you here next year, doing nothing more than leech worthless junk, because everything you download and refuse to use is a wasted opportunity. your lack of action speaks volumes, look at all the leechers and scammers here. worthless people and worthless downloads go together, or you can get off your arse and write something. take action, all andy weir did was write an ebook. he did nothing else,
everything else was magic. life happens to people who take action.

in march of 2013, 4 days after he sold the print publishing rights, just four days later, a major motion picture studio in hollywood, called to option the film rights to the ebook. yes, i said ebook! the book was not published in print yet. the studio gave the ebook to a screenwriter who said he would like to adapt the book for film. so this movie studio hired this screenwriter to write the script and direct the film. so now, the writer is also the director, that is more money coming in from a single project. that is how you make money, get paid for doing more. all andy weir did was write an ebook, and share free chapters online, now a motion picture was in the works.

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after the book was published in 2014, a famous hollywood director read the best-selling sci-fi book because he was a fan of sci-fi. in may 2014, the world famous director ridley scott was in negotiations with the movie studio because he wanted to direct an adaptation of the film. ridly scott asked an actor he knew, matt damon if he would star in the movie. with ridley scott at the helm, as they say, other well known actors joined the cast of the movie. the film was released oct 2, 2015. earlier in 2015, the book was printed in paperback, and become the number one best selling paperback. the movie release, because of the all-star cast, the martian with matt damon was a hit, even though matt damon was alone throughout most of the movie, lol. yes, andy weir wrote that ebook. andy weir wrote an ebook and a few short years later he was a multi-millionaire. i bet some of you will still be here leeching junk and doing nothing. 2017 is almost here.

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people will still be buying the ebook, the printed book and now, buying the dvd/bluray boxed set, etc. some of you have seen the hit movie, if you liked the movie, now read the book. no matter what you decide to do, andy weir can retire a very happy man, he is set for life. i bet he has more books in the works, i wonder how much of an advance he gets, no more rejections for him. he is a man of action, some people did not like the book, some people think the movie was better than the book, do you think andy weir cares? do what you love, i bet you will be glad you did. now, you have no excuse.

bonus content for people who read the whole case study: if you know how to read between the lines, some don’t, allow me to explain. tada, bonus content. a movie studio hired a writer to create a script, based on this ebook. take an idea from someone else, and make it better, and make more money than they did. director ridley scott added to the script, based on the printed book, into an improved ‘new’ script, gave that to another screenwriter to proof read, creating a final screenplay for the movie, the martian directed by ridley scott, starring matt damon. what does it matter? take any bad ebook and make it better, you can make more money. can i say it any more plain? take a bso and make it better, do anything, take some kind of action! create something, anything, or take a broken idea or even a decent idea, then make it better, thus making it your idea. you will reap the reward.

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