Jeff Walker’s September 2018 Launch-Videos (10h+)

Have you seen what Jeff Walker’s been doing this past week?

It’s a NEW “funnel” model…

And it’s… off… the… charts!

Over 10 hours of deep training on his Product Launch Formula, all conducted LIVE from his mountain getaway.

It’s the most in-depth, free training on launching your product for monster sales I’ve ever seen him release.

Seriously. Without question… whether you’ve been around the marketing world for almost two decades like me… or… you’re just getting started, you need to go thru this free masterclass.

It’s not only some of the best training on launching your product; the way Jeff is delivering the material is ground-breaking.

His fourth and final class for example, is all about what to do from the time you start accepting sales (i.e. open the cart) to the time you end the offer (i.e. close the cart).

Prior to this, he’s only shared his “open cart” system and insights with his private clients.

I strongly recommend you to invest your time and go thru all four classes of the Masterclass.

And do it with pen and pad in hand. 🙂