This video is brought to you by entrepreneur, t-shirts, Co, the world’s number one t-shirt store for entrepreneurs and hustlers for a very limited time. You can get a massive 20 % off your first purchase by using the discount code. Hustle click, the link in the description box below this video to see the full range of clothing. Now you know what’s up everyone, my name is Chris winter, the friendly entrepreneur and in this video I’m gon na share with you five ways in which teenagers can make money online in 2019. Now, these all little ways in which you can make maybe $ 50 a day $ 100 a day you might be able to make a few thousand dollars a week. It really does depend on the amount of work that you’re gon na be putting in, but all of these are proven to really work, and most of them are really quite easy to get started and don’t cost a whole lot of money to get started either. So I’m gon na share with you from five to one, and hopefully you get something out of this. If you are a teenager, don’t let that stop you on, I mean a lot of things have changed these days. It’S so much easier to get started. You don’t need a whole lot of money. You don’t need to set up too many like business licenses and things like this. You don’t have to set up a storefront. There are so many ways in which you can make money. So, let’s jump into it. I don’t want to waste time too much and we’ll jump into it, starting with number 5 by the way, guys, I’m gon na be making more videos on how 10 Agers can make money in 2019. I’M gon na do a whole nother list. So if you want to check out that make sure to subscribe and also hit the thumbs up button, if you want to see that as well, okay, so coming in at number 5, is to start a print-on-demand company. Now what is a print-on-demand company? Well, it’s essentially a way of drop shipping, t-shirts, clothing, caps, mugs and all of this good stuff. Now I’m 28, so I’m not a teenager anymore, but when I started my entrepreneurial kind of you know life about 10 years ago. I remember I started a t-shirt company and it was a whole lot more difficult to get it set up so in traditionally, if you wanted to set up something like a clothing company or a t-shirt, company you’d have to buy a like a heat press. You might have to buy a screen printer they’re gon na cost. Thousands of dollars, you’re gon na – have to buy the t-shirt blanks. So this is a t-shirt and the blanket just the raw t-shirt and you might have to buy 50 to 100 t-shirts. You’Re gon na have to buy packaging you’re gon na have to buy maybe stuff to help you print and deliver the games. All change now in 2019, or in 2018, and leading up to 2019 with a thing called print on demand. So essentially, what print on demand is is all you need to do is have your shop and design what’s going to be printed on the t-shirt, so the best way that I can show you this is that I actually own a print on demand: clothing company. It’S called entrepreneur, t-shirts Co. You can go and check it out if you want, but I’m wearing one of the t-shirts right now. This is my hustle diem t-shirt. I designed this logo right here simply just designed it in Photoshop. You could also use something like canva. You could use pretty much any kind of online design service. You’Ve created the design you upload it to a site like printful, that’s one of the best print on demand companies and then essentially, they take all of the other work and do it for you. So let’s say with this shirt here: I’ve got one of my other shirts here. This is my entrepreneur definition shirt. I created this design right here. I chose this t-shirt. This is a Gildan t-shirt. Cost me around about nine dollars to get this printed and done and then what happens is someone goes to entrepreneur, t-shirts, Co. They click on the the t-shirt. You do all the kind of marketing and things like that. Maybe take some nice photos and then what happens once they have made that order that goes directly to print full and then they will grab the t-shirt. They’Ll, do the printing for you they’ll, do the packaging for you and they’ll also ship it off for you, and this is really really cool, because it really just takes out all the hard work that you have to do and it allows you to focus on kind Of more more fun kind of stuff, you know you get to design the logos you get to do the marketing you get to share it with you, your friends, and then you also get a lot of the profits. So let’s say: if we sell a shirt for around about $ 30 or even like, let’s just say, $ 25, it’s a pretty normal price for a t-shirt $ 25, and then it’s gon na cost roughly $ 10 to get the t-shirt done with printful. That means that you’re going to be getting a profit margin of $ 15. So that’s really quite good for something that you don’t even have to do too much work with it. So print-on-demand, for me, is definitely one of the better ways to start your own kind of company. So what kind of things would you put on the t-shirts? Well, I reckon that you should always pick a niche, so my niche is for entrepreneurs and hustlers. So maybe the people like you, you might be, you might make t-shirts on sports teams or or on gaming. So let’s say that you’re you’re, a volleyball player you could make t-shirts about volleyball. You could make come up with 10 different designs. They don’t have to be super fancy, like I said this one here. This is my get shit done t-shirt, look how basic that is, but you know it kind of works for the niche, and so you can definitely just come up with lots of different ideas. Print undermines definitely one of the better ones pick a niche use, something like printful I’ll, put a link in the description box below. If you wan na check out printful they’re fantastic based in America, they’ve got one location in Los Angeles, and one in North. Carolina and they’ve also got a warehouse in in Latvia in Europe, which means you can get fast delivery and also cheaper delivery costs as well. So print-on-demand is number one definitely want to take a look at. If you want me to make more videos on print-on-demand, let me know and I’ll look into it, but yeah definitely one of the best ones. You can look into coming in at number four. Another thing that you can do is help out people with their social media. Now we were born on the internet pretty much, especially if you’re a teenager now you’re probably born in around 2000 and even higher up. So I reckon what you should do is help people out with their social media accounts. There’S so many businesses out there who really have no clue on how to use social media. They might have a Facebook page now, but they don’t really know exactly how to use it. How to how the whole platform works. Things like snapchat Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you guys probably know a lot more about that than a lot of other people, and this is one of the first times in history of business, where younger people actually kind of a head start over older people. So this is another thing that I would definitely take a look at. What you can do is either go to your your parents, your parents, friends, your uncle’s auntie’s. Maybe they’ve got a smaller business, they own a pizzeria, they own a dentist, a dentist. They own a doctors, kind of place. What you can do is you can go and say, look I’m going to help you guys get more business. I can run your social media for you, so I could help you out on Instagram. I could do posts and videos on YouTube. I can make sure that everything is looking good. You know you can make a nice kind of brand identity for them and then what you can do is you can charge them. Let’S say $ 200 a month $ 300 a month for someone like a doctor, that’s absolutely nothing! That brings in a few more clients. That’S gon na be really really beneficial for them. So it’s essentially not that difficult to do again. You only going to be maybe spending a few hours on it a month, and you can just make sure that you’re going to be taking nice photos and just keeping kind of their brand consistent. They don’t really have time to be able to post on social media. All the time, so this is definitely one of those ways in which you could do it. What you really need to do with this is just make sure you’re going out there and telling people what to do. I mean a lot of people might not even know that you’re good at social media, but if you go to them, you can just go and do a knock on them and say: hey I’ll help. You out, I’m good at photography, I’m good at social media. A lot of them will really like it that you’re a young driven teenager wanting to help. So it’s definitely something you can look into posting on social media. You can have your own a little agency, it’s a great okay, so coming in at number three. The next thing is to sell things on eBay. This is a little bit more of an old-school kind of way of doing it when I always kind of growing up, but essentially you can go and find things at garage sales on Craigslist, even things in your own home, and you can find them. Take really good photos of them and then post them on eBay. You can also post them on Craigslist as well, but the the way that you do this to kind of really make a profit is, is that you can kind of sell things better than most other people. When a lot of people sell things on eBay. Let’S say that they’ve they’re going to sell a lens like this, they might just put it up with one for and it’s not a very good photo, it might be dimly lit. You know it’s a wonky kind of photo and then the description is like three words and it’s like canon 10 to 18 millimeter lens, okay, condition. What you need to do is take ten different photos of this kind of lens. Then you also want to have like in the description you want to write a really nice description, so you might really you might talk about how this lens is going to help the people. You might say that it’s been in fantastic condition. Always you know kept in a case pristine kind of glass, no dust, it’s going to come with a lens cap, a a rear, lens cap, all those different things – and this is what really sets you apart from the other sellers on ebay. So again, you can go to things like yard sellers look for things that are really cheap so that you might be buying them for ten dollars. You might got ta sell that for fifty dollars make a forty dollar profit and if you go and find a few things every weekend at a garage, sale or look on Craigslist, and you can see that they’re kind of undervalued, you’re gon na make a lot of Money again, this is one of those things. It’S a little bit old-school, there’s a little bit more work involved with this, but you can really make a good amount of money. One thing I would give you a tip on is to bigquery of eBay’s fees. I used to sell a lot on eBay when I started, I would sell old, like Apple cables. They were kind of like Chinese knockoff ones, and I ended up selling something like 400 a day and it got to be a pretty big business. When I was about 20 years old, but then the fees kind of really do catch up on you, because eBay take about a 10 % fee and then you’ve got PayPal fees on top of that. So if you can, maybe you want to be selling these things on Craigslist, so that’s just going to be a cash transaction, but definitely this is a way of kind of flipping things and making a good amount of profit and some really good way to kind of Start your entrepreneurial spirit and just get started. Okay, coming in at number two. The second best way in which I reckon you guys can make money as a teenager is to dropship. Now what is dropshipping? Well, it’s been around for a while, but it’s really kind of started to pick up steam, especially on this YouTube community. There are a lot of fantastic dropshippers who are making videos as well, but essentially what it is is you’ve got a store again something on like Shopify I’ll put a link in the description below if you want to start a Shopify site, but you start a Shopify Site and then you find a product on Alibaba or Aliexpress coms. So what is Alibaba? What is Aliexpress? Well, it’s the largest online kind of store in China. It’S where a lot of manufacturers will go and sell their products at kind of a cost price. So, let’s think about something, for example, let’s say: we’ve got this little candle holder, it’s nice! It’S clean! This here might cost 50 cents to make in China, but you might buy this at a store online for 10 to 15 dollars. So essentially, what drop shipping is doing is cutting out the middleman. So let’s say we put this: we take some nice photos of this on our store and then you can add it to the card. Someone buys it what’s going to happen here, is they’re going to buy it and then essentially, the people from China are going to send this right here directly to the person who’s bought it. So it’s never going to come to you. It’S only going to go directly to them. It’S actually really easy to do this. These days with a app called Oberoi I’ll, put a link in the description box below for that as well. But Oberoi is really cool because what it essentially does it’s a plugin for Shopify. It allows you to sync up with Alibaba or Aliexpress and just allows you to put all the details in straightaway, essentially a drop shipping kind of app. Is this the best kind of business model? Well for me, it can be, but it’s also there’s a lot that you know I kind of need to take into consideration a lot of the times when you are sending things from China. They take a really long time to get there, so you’ve got to worry about kind of delivery time. Sometimes it can take 30 get 45 days to get things delivered and then you’ve got to kind of rely on the supplier to make sure that the quality is good enough and little things like this. But there are a lot of people making a lot of money with drop shipping, I’m going to make more videos on it later on, but it’s definitely something that you can look into. This is called drop, shipping and yeah. It’S definitely another way in which you can do it, okay, so the number one way in which I think teenagers can make money online in 2019 is by starting a YouTube channel, and it’s not probably exactly how you think. Well, I mean, as we all know, if you start a YouTube channel, you can make money through ads. Youtube is owned by Google and they’ve got an ad platform called Adsense. You get paid for a certain number of views that you get that’s how people like Jake Paul might make money Logan Paul they’re, getting millions of views. They might be making it fair a bit from that, but this is probably not the best way in which you can make your money from YouTube channel. What I really like about YouTube – and I actually have a second YouTube channel – it’s got 300,000 subscribers on it. It’S about photography is that you can use it as a platform to drive traffic to other sources. So let’s say you start a YouTube channel about basketball. You might be a basketball ER and you really enjoy basketball. It’S kind of your life. You watch all the games. You play play it on the weekends you do practice. Why not make a video is about basketball. You could teach people how to dribble better. You could teach people how to hit a 3-point shot and there’s a few different ways in which you could monetize this. You could sorry about that. You could, for example, sell courses on how to dribble better. You might get a sell a course for $ 50 and if a thousand people end up buying that course there’s fifty thousand dollars. You could sell a course on how to shoot a three-pointer better again. You could sell that course for $ 50 and if even 10 people buy it you’ve made five hundred dollars. The best way to do this is to start a channel, build a community around your channel, so get a lot of people to kind of subscribe, and then from there on, you can start different ways of monetizing it again. You could also do like print-on-demand use your YouTube channel as a way to kind of get people to check out your your t-shirts. You could make basketball t-shirts and then you could make you know $ 20 profit on each of those t-shirts. So that’s definitely a way as well. What else could you do? You could get sponsorships, so you could get maybe a basketball clothing company to sponsor you. I’Ve done sponsorships, sometimes where I make like five thousand dollars for a video when I just talk about people for just two minutes, so that’s definitely something you could, of course, you’re going to be getting the ad money from YouTube. That’S another way in which you can do it and what all that’s doing is essentially having your YouTube channel as a hub you’re, getting lots of views, you’re, building up a really strong community of people who follow you, who really like you and who first you and Then you can make your money through there. The biggest thing is that you just want to build this community. You want to build that trust up and then from there you can. You can offer what you want to be able to offer and it’s the greatest way. I think you can make money online as a teenager in 2019. Okay, so that was a long video, but hopefully you got something out of it. I think there are so many ways guys in which you can make money. If you did enjoy this video I’d love it. If you leave a thumbs up, cuz, that’s always important and it’s really appreciated and definitely make sure to subscribe, because I’m gon na be making lots of videos on how teenagers can make more money online in 2019. I’Ll see you guys in the next video bye,