Make 100 – 5000 in JUST MINUTES Easy Way to Make Money Online

I just discovered a brand new way for anyone to make money online. In literally minutes you don’t need a college degree. You don’t need experience with this. All you need is either a smartphone or computer with internet access. Then you can absolutely do this so stay tuned. All right, what’s going on guys, it’s Jay Brown here, I’m about to show you the easiest way possible to earn some great money on the internet in literally minutes now before I get into that guys. If this is your first time at my video hit that subscribe button and click on that notification bell, if you want to watch more videos like this now, first thing I want to do is get this out the way this is not a sales video. I will not be selling you anything here. I know you get tired of all these YouTube videos out there with all these pitches at the end of the video, but I’m not gon na pitch you on anything, I’m here to give value, because I enjoy helping people. Yes, I do sell products and I do leave links at the bottom of my video, but guys I’m here today to just give you pure value and show you how to make some money. The first thing that you want to do you want to go over to Google and search for Fiverr I’M pretty sure you know what Fiverr is. Maybe you don’t what Fiverr is is basically a website to where you can buy services or you can sell services. This website has been around for many many years, and people have made thousands upon thousands of dollars and that’s what I’m gon na show you how to do today. But I’m gon na show you something a little different than what you maybe you know used to are wet. You may have seen out there floating around on the Internet. So what you want to do you create an account. You got to create an account. Then I want you to hover your mouse over here where it says video and animation, and you go right here. If I can get it, you go right here to short video guys. This right here only been out a few months. It hasn’t been out long at all matter of fact. It used to have this probably a few weeks ago. It had this new sign here right beside it, but it’s brand new and you want to click on these guys. I’M gon na show you how to kill it with this right here. Okay and the next thing you want to you want to make sure it says, sort it by recommended and guys look at the money right here. People are making basically what they’re doing they’re creating short video ads. Like you see on social media of Facebook, YouTube Instagram. These live videos are floating around out there everywhere, and companies are paying big money for people like us to create these short videos. If you can see right here, this person right here is making 1,200 dollars a pop twenty five dollars, a pop five hundred dollars. Sixty dollars. Look at this one right here: five thousand dollars guys it says I will film five social media, video ads for your product and service. Looking here at 4135, seventy one hundred and twenty forty two hundred and twenty five guys there are people making a lot of money with this. But you may be asking J, that’s all cool and dandy. But how can I compete? I don’t know how to make short video ads. Well, that’s what I’m about to show you right now guys, so you want to go back to Google and you want to search for flicks press this right here guys this site is amazing, so you go over to flicks and you click right here where it Says automated templates and then guys? What do you want to do? You want to go over right here where it says ads and guys? Basically, it’s just what it says: automated templates, you can use these templates right here, professional templates, guys where they did all the grunt work for you. They use professional actors, they use professional videographers to create well laid out short videos and I’m gon na click on one. Here, just to show you see how professional it is amazing actors, guys business – will pay good money for this, because they don’t want to do it themselves and guys. There’S no reason you shouldn’t be making money. How you do this guys you come over to this website. You sign up, and if you look over here they have all kind of different industries. Here: accountant, acting coach bankruptcy, lawyer business, consulting car dealer, career advisor carpet, cleaner catering service, guys I mean I can go on and on and on and on. They got every industry in here, you can think of, and people will come over to Fiverr. Looking for these guys and I’m telling you this is amazing site. I just discovered this and if you look down here, it says prices I’ll start for less than one dollar per month. You can get started making money and you can also sell these services on upward. You guys may have heard me talk about upward where well, people come to up work just like they do Fiverr looking for people to do things for them and I’m pretty sure there are a ton of people coming on up work. Looking for short video ads as well so use this site called flicks press and also guys you can, you can create intros for people on Fiverr, see right here, intros and animated logos. So you can click on that and you can come scroll through here guys and see that people are selling in trolls 25, 910, 15, 10, and that prices are a little bit lower, but you can still make great money. I don’t want to make this sound, like you’re, just gon na push a few buttons and magically money is just gon na start point in guys. You’Re gon na have to work this. Just like anything, but it’s stupid simple. I mean you, don’t have to have any special knowledge or special skill to do this guys so get started ASAP. One more thing: I want to show you when you get started with these short video ads. What I want you to do is kind of kind of look at the top rated sellers here and see what they’re doing don’t copy them exactly, but just get an idea of what they’re doing, because chances are if they’re at the top ratings. They know what they’re doing, but what I want you to do, starting out is maybe offer your gigs at a lower price kind of lowball to get yourself in there, because that’s the only way, you’re gon na get people to rate you. If no one knows you in the beginning, you got to get your foot in the door, so what you want to do is kind of lowball your prices and get your ratings built up to about. I mean at least get nine to ten people to leave your rating, and then you can start up in your prices little by little and then once you establish yourself, you don’t have to worry about all the competition. That’S gon na come in later, because that’s what’s gon na happen. Not many people know about this, so you need to jump on right now, short video ads guys get out there and crush it. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did leave a comment below and let me know, and also like I mentioned at the beginning – if this is your first time here, hit that subscribe button and click on that notification. Bale so you’ll get more videos just like this one: peace and blessings