Amazon Advertising | Amazon PPC Tutorial Pay Per Click Ads Optimize your PPC Advertising Campaigns!

Amazon Advertising | Amazon PPC Tutorial Pay Per Click Ads Optimize your PPC Advertising Campaigns!

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👁 About this video : Amazon’s Pay Per Click platform can be an incredible growth machine…if you know how to set up and manage campaigns properly. Learn exactly what you need to know to run profitable Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Amazon Advertising can be a daunting task for anyone, and knowing how to navigate your campaigns is one of the MOST important parts of running a successful and profitable Amazon FBA business…

Watch as Greg Mercer (Jungle Scout CEO) and Kevin David optimize a REAL Ad campaign live, and show the tricks they’ve learned after selling millions of dollars of products on Amazon! *
👋 About this channel : My name is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the freedom movement. I left my 80/hr a week accounting job to create a massive movement of people becoming financially free. In the past year I’ve free thousands of people from the 9-5 grind, and it is my life goal to help millions of people realize there is a better life than being trapped in a cubicle. I teach how to make money online, I teach how to earn passive income, and live the best life you can, with the freedom to do the things you want to do always. Come say hi on social media, I respond to every message and I always will. Remember you can completely change your life at any time, you just need to start.

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Watching Amazon Instant Video gives you access to some of the best television shows and movies out there. You can enjoy Amazon originals as well as top rated films and series right from your home or mobile device. To watch, though, you have to have a compatible device and you have to know how to get started.

Luckily, it is all incredibly easy to manage. Anyone can start enjoying Amazon Instant Video from their home TV or mobile device at any time. Whether you prefer to watch on the television or from the palm of your hands, there is likely an option available to you that you can manage.

One of the easiest ways to watch is to stream on PC or on Mac. Both will give you access to Amazon Instant Video without forcing you to jump through any hoops. You just go to the website and start browsing their selection to begin.

Owners of Smart TVs can watch on their television using the available app, which comes with most televisions. Apple TV, Roku, Kindle Fire Stick, and similar devices all have apps, as well. The same applies to game consoles. If you want to watch on Chromecast, though, there is no app. An alternative is to watch using the browser by changing Silverlight to Flash.

Streaming on phone or tablet is a cinch, depending upon the device that you use. For owners of the Kindle Fire phone or tablet, you can start watching immediately. Apple owners, too, can enjoy the large selection of content. There is an available app in the Apple app store that allows you to watch content on iPad or iPhone. On Android, you cannot watch on a tablet, but you can watch on a phone. The app is available through the Amazon web store. No other mobile platforms currently support the application.

Apps are available for people overseas. If you live in Australia or Europe, as examples, you can access Amazon Instant Video when you want to watch movies or television shows.

Just remember that you have to stay online. No matter how you watch Amazon Instant Video, you cannot go offline at any point. It requires a connection to the internet to stream content from any device. An offline iPad, as an exampleHealth Fitness Articles, will not have the ability to stream any shows or movies because it cannot connect to the service. You must remain online at all times to use the service.