Amazon Seller Central Tutorial 2018 | Complete Walkthrough Tour How to Sell a Product on Amazon FBA

Amazon Seller Central Tutorial 2018 | Complete Walkthrough Tour How to Sell a Product on Amazon FBA

🔥 Complete Walkthrough Tour How to Sell a Product on Amazon FBA 2018
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👁 About this video : Learn how to use Seller central for Amazon. Learn how to do Amazon FBA Product research the right way, this is everything you need to start selling on Amazon as a business seller, and find profitable products to sell on amazon, finding products to sell on amazon in general, and specifically how to find products letting Amazon do your product research for you!
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The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.​ offers small businesses and entrepreneurs
ready access to a huge customer market for their goods. Of course, sellers pay
a price for the opportunity to trade on Amazon’s good name, internet saturation
and global market reach. Not only do private sellers often find themselves in
direct competition with the internet behemoth for products and services, but Amazon
holds all the cards. To protect its own reputation and maintain a satisfied
customer base, Amazon’s sellers’ agreement and myriad rules stack the deck firmly
in Amazon’s favor.


In order to sell on, sellers must follow
an exacting list of expectations that dictate how and when they interact with
their customers at every point in the sales process. Fail to meet Amazon’s
performance expectations and you could receive a not particularly cheerful
“Hello from” letter notifying you that your account has been blocked
and your sales listings terminated. And, by the way, Amazon will be hanging
onto your money for the next 90 days to cover any unresolved financial issues.


For businesses that rely on as a primary
conduit to customers and order fulfillment, receiving one of Amazon’s computer-generated
“Hello” letters can spell disaster. A big part of the problem is that the
letters are computer-generated. Computer algorithms don’t care if you didn’t
respond to a customer within the required 24 hours because you were hospitalized
or on vacation. They’re completely unsympathetic that your approval rating appears
to be in the toilet not because you provide poor service but because the only
customers who have bothered to offer feedback are dissatisfied ones.


complain that they’ve been unfairly booted off Amazon because they’ve fallen
victim to the “law of negative averages” in which a small number of negative
comments can, if they outnumber positive feedback, result in a negative
feedback score. For example, if out of 50 sales, 47 customers are satisfied,
but only 1 posts positive feedback while 2 dissatisfied customers post negative
comments, Amazon’s trackers will record a negative average and you’ll soon be
the recipient of a letter from,
Amazon’s enforcement department.


What sends sellers into a panic is the phrase “the closure
of an account is a permanent action,” implying that you will be forever banned
from selling on Amazon. And the ban will not only affect you, but anyone Amazon’s
online trackers can connect to your name, street address or email address. All
is not lost, however, sellers can petition Amazon for reinstatement and a
number have done so successfully. The process is not easy; and, if reinstated, you
can expect Amazon to scrutinize your account carefully for some time (and hang
onto your money while they do so); but you can get back in the game.



To prevent being terminatedFind Article, keep a close eye on your email
and regularly review Amazon’s agreements and help pages as Amazon may change
its procedures and guidelines at any time without notifying sellers. Monitor the
customer metrics Amazon provides and compare your performance to the Amazon’s
seller performance
targets to make certain you are hitting the expected benchmarks.