Clickbank Step by Step Tutorial | How to make $10,000 in 10 days with Clickbank

Clickbank Step by Step Tutorial | How to make $10,000 in 10 days with Clickbank

clickbank step by step tutorial GET THE FULL CLICKBANK TRAINING HERE πŸ‘‰

Hey everyone it’s Paolo here and in this video I will show you a simple strategy that I personally use to make up to $1000 per day with clickbank affiliate marketing.

In this video, I show you how to create a clickbank account. how to look for the offer to promote, the tools that you need to use, the strategy, and the traffic source where you can get buyer traffic.

Watch me live as I make $1,391 in one single day!

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clickbank step by step tutorial
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Clickbank For Beginners πŸ‘‰

Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners πŸ‘‰

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clickbank step by step tutorial GET THE FULL CLICKBANK TRAINING HERE πŸ‘‰


We just had a successful launch of our new ClickBank Sale Tracker software this past week. In fact, we were so busy that it turned into one of those buckle down, just slide the pizza under the door type of weeks. It certainly seems that learning how to track ClickBank sales is a hot topic.So it seemed like a good time to write down just exactly what ClickBank Sale Tracker actually does and some history of where this product came from.It all started out with article marketing.If you are using article marketing for your online business you are probably submitting articles to Ezinearticles, one of the most prominent article directories on the internet. As you are probably aware, Ezinearticles does not allow you to place affiliate links in your articles. You must have a top level domain and send the traffic to your domain and from there you can have an automatic redirect to send the visitor to the vendor website of the product you are promoting.Once you get this in place, write some articles and the sales start coming in, you probably start to think “wow, where did these sales come from; and how can I get more?” Which article and what keywords were responsible for the money in my account?”In order to maximize the money rolling into our ClickBank account, I found I need to know what I did right and what I did wrong in the articles I submitted. Then, naturally, we want to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. Doesn’t that make sense?We want to make more money and not have to work as hard in order to earn it; and there is nothing wrong with that, it is just good business. And to do that we need to know how to track ClickBank Sales.What good are statistics?When it comes to making money online, all the gurus out there will you to test, test, test. But they don’t always tell you exactly how to go about it!Article marketing people often start talking about article statistics provided by certain article directories: primarily, article views and click throughs.Eventually, you will get an article that receives a lot of views and gets a lot of click throughs yet you do not make any money. Then you start to realize that views do not equal sales; and even click throughs do not equal sales. So you ask yourself “what does equal a sale?”To answer that question we decided we needed to know exactly where these sales were coming from. Which exact article posted on which article directory was bringing us the visitor who turned into a buyer of the product we were promoting?You need to be able to track each ClickBank sale back to the exact article that generated that sale in order to accurately test and optimize any online campaign.Google Analytics provides all the data I need, doesn’t it?Some vague information from Google analytics about which website brought us visitors is not enough; not even knowing which of those visitors left our site via the buy button. Article marketers need to know the exact article where the visitor came from who bought the product.Anything less is just guesswork.How can tracking ClickBank sales increase my profits?If you are doing article marketing correctly you will be testing with different headlines, different paragraph styles, different resource boxes and other changes you’ll make from one article to the next. The only way to know which one is more successful is to be able to know exactly which methods brought in more sales than the others.So that is where ClickBank sale tracker got its start. You can have a top level domain redirect to a ClickBank product and ClickBank Sale Tracker will tell you which article the buyer came from.That is powerful tool in any online business, and it allows you to do create more of those articles that generate sales and fewer of the ones that do not.Does ClickBank Sale Tracker only work on redirects?Not at all. You can have a full website or blog and CBSaleTracker is still the answer to how to track ClickBank sales.That is not the end of the story, either. CBSaleTracker has other uses in your successful online business. Learn more than just how to track ClickBank sales with this unique product at our website.Our goal from the start has been to keep it simple, so that is enough for right now.I will discuss other benefits to your online business in future articles. If you prefer to start increasing your online profits right now, head over to and make more money now.
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ClickBank Sale Tracker is designed by article marketers for article marketers to increase profits by knowing what article generated each ClickBank Sale. Yet it does not stop there. You can add tracking to your mailing list signups too. Head to right now and get on the road to bigger profits.