Clickbank Tutorial for Beginners 2018 – Make Money with Clickbank Tutorial Step-by-Step

Clickbank Tutorial for Beginners 2018 – Make Money with Clickbank Tutorial Step-by-Step

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Clickbank Tutorial for Beginners 2018 – Make Money with Clickbank Tutorial Step-by-Step

In this video, I detail a strategy to make consistent sales with clickbank even if you’re a complete beginner. This is in my opinion one of the best ways to start out with clickbank when you’re first getting your feet wet as an affiliate marketer.

One of the most proven strategies for making money with clickbank 2018 and any affiliate marketing product is doing review videos. Either purchase the product or do some thorough research of a product. Once you have done a video review, do 5 or 6 additional videos of supporting content that pre-sells your main review video product. At the end of each video by sure to continue to push your viewers or subscribers to the main video review you did.

Do this method in this format will build repetition and trust in the product that you are selling. Thus leading to increase clickbank sales over time.

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In any business you could go into there is a simple bottom line. More sales means more money, however there is only so much one person can possibly do. The answer to this problem is simple – more people. When you recruit new affiliates you will increase your earnings because you will also be earning commissions on the products that they are selling.

Whenever you enlist a new vendor you will receive a commission of twenty percent on the fee they pay to activate their account and for the first year they are doing business you will receive a five percent commission on all of their sales as well. You can let your new vendors know of the many books and programs available, like Vendor Super Tips that will give them all the help they need in order to increase their sales.

The problem is where to find these vendors. One answer is that you become a vendor yourself and promote the items that help make a successful vendor. These items include books like Super Tips Affiliate Program and the Super Guide for ClickBank Affiliates. Not only will these books help the people you recruit to sell, they will help you as well. Buying these products for yourself and reading or using them will give you a ease and familiarity with the information that will show that you know what you are talking about in your sales pages. Lookers who feel that you have used the products yourself are more willing to buy and try.

These products will provide more than enough information to get your vendors interested, motivated and selling and of course the more they sell the more you earn. These books will tell them where to find the products they want to sell, how to find products that are not listed in the ClickBank Marketplace or how to know which really good products are listed with lower ratings that are deceiving. There are books that show them how and where to find newly released products and the best way to promote their products. They will get in depth easy to understand information on how the commission’s work, the best ways to protect them and make sure they receive all the commissions they have worked so hard for.

Your new vendors will also find information on how and why to set up storefronts and how to make the most out of them. Refunds are a problem for all vendors. These informative books will cover how to protect yourselfHealth Fitness Articles, minimize your refunds and also how to spot those customers who are ordering just to return the item for a refund sometimes within hours of purchase.

They will also teach how to track your sales and commissions and determine which of the products you are promoting are working and which aren’t. Some other topics covered are how to have several products all listed on one sales page yet promote them separately. What to do in the rare cases where ClickBank experiences down time and last but not least how they can recruit more vendors and in turn make more money for themselves.