Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners | HOW I MAKE [$700 IN 1 DAY] With Clickbank

Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners | HOW I MAKE [$700 IN 1 DAY] With Clickbank

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Clickbank is an affiliate network specializing in selling digital products like ebooks, software, and videos. With over 100K affiliates who are actively promoting their products Clickbank is a highly attractive network for many publishers.

Here are a few examples of how anyone can start making money with Clickbank.

1. Becoming an affiliate

The easiest way to start making money using CB marketplace is to sign up as an affiliate and pick a product to promote. The most important thing is to be able to find product that actually sells and conversions are high. This will ensure that your ROI (Return On Investment) is good and worth your efforts.

Here are some tips on how you can promote Clickbank products.

Google Adwords – This is the most popular way of getting traffic to your affiliate links. The main strategy is to create a pre-sell landing page that gets your visitors to go and buy the product you are promoting through your affiliate link. In fact it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you don’t test your keywords and track everything down to the keyword level to see which phrases are converting and which don’t, then most likely you are going to lose money instead.

Article Marketing – You can promote CB products by writing high quality articles and then distribute them through article directories. This is a great way to start making money with Clickbank because it doesn’t cost anything and you can actually start seeing results fairly quickly. The strategy here is to write a good article that provides great content and target keyword phrases that people are searching for through Google and other search engines. Once you article gets indexed and re-published by other sites it will start driving highly targeted traffic to your landing page.

Blogging – Blogs have become quite popular among affiliates who are using it to publish their content and make money at the same time. Blog is a content management platform that allows you to post your content and let the search engines know about it. Blogging can be highly profitable business all by itself. The reason for that is because it’s easier to gain top search engine rankings with a blog than with a regular website.

2. Becoming a publisher

Creating your own products and selling through Clickbank is in fact much more profitable than just being an affiliate. The reason for that is because you can leverage your efforts through their affiliate base.

If you can create a high-in-demand product that targets desperate buyers and combine it with a high-converting sales letter, you will attract hundreds if not thousands of affiliates who will promote it for you.

The benefits of having your own product selling on Clickbank are amazing and if you are thinking about creating one then you should do all the necessary research to ensure that it sells.

First of all, you must do proper keyword research and find out of there is money being spent in that market. Then of course you should socialize with your potential customers through forums or message boards to find out what their problems are and how you can solve them.

You may also consider outsourcing your product creation by hiring a freelancer, which is going to speed up the process of launching your product.

Once you have your product it would be a great idea to hire a professional copywriter who will write the sales letter for you. This part is actually more important than the product creation itself, because even if your product is great but you don’t know how to make your visitors buy then you won’t make any money.


Making money with Clickbank can be highly lucrative. There are affiliates who do very well selling other people’s stuffArticle Submission, but being a publisher and having your own product has a lot more benefits and bottom line is more profitable.

The best way to start though is to find something that sells and see if you can sell it as an affiliate first. Then possibly create a similar product and that way increase your profits by leveraging your efforts.