Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners – The First Steps To More Than $100/Day With Clickbank

Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners – The First Steps To More Than $100/Day With Clickbank


Clickbank is one of the biggest online retailers. The company was founded 1998 with more than six-million clients worldwide. In this video, you will learn how to use this platform and choose profitable affiliate products to promote.

If you are getting started with affiliate marketing or already have, then Clickbank is a great platform for you to join because:

1 – The Registration is easy – They don’t have many standards and basically accept anyone
2 – Commissions – Clickbank pays 2 in 2 weeks the commissions you earned
3 – Variety of products – You will find products nearly in all sorts of niches, such as: dating, weight loss, make money online, and much more.

How To Choose A Profitable Product?
Select a category from their listing. You should remember that not all categories are profitable.

Gravity – I recommend choosing products with at least 30 gravity. This number consists on the number of affiliate that made commission with a particular product during the last 12 weeks.

Pricing – A lot of people tend to promote cheap products. However, for you to make decent money with a cheap product you need to sell huge quantities of it. For this reason, it is a lot easier to promote a more expensive product and quickly see some fat commissions going into your bank account..

Recurring Billing – I like to choose products that often offer membership because this way I know I will probably earn a commission on a monthly basis from the clients I mentioned.

Landing Page – Always check the landing page and ask yourself, “Would I purchase a product from this page?” If your first reply is, “No” because the landing page seems cheap then don’t promote that product. Otherwise, if the landing page looks professional, has testimonials and even famous celebrities appearing then it is a good product.

Clickbank Tutorial –

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Promoting clickbank affiliate products is one of the favorite money making options for many internet marketers. There are two major advantages in promoting clickbank products. The first is the huge commission they offer (upto 75% of the product price per sale) and second is promoting an affiliate product reduces your headache of maintaining inventory and dispatching products that one might see in direct product sale.

To make good amount of money with clickbank affiliate program and have a happy dream living, you have to know what type of products to choose and how to promote it to maximize your product sale. This article will help you to start making some serious money from affiliate marketing.

The first step to start with clickbank program is to signup for the program and choose some quality products. Clickbank contain thousands of digital products (ebooks and softwares). It is preferable to choose the products from the topics you have some basic knowledge or interest. This will reduce your researching time and helps a lot at the time of promotion. Like if you are interested in gardening or body building then choose accordingly. But it is not the hard core rule. You can choose any product if you are ready to work hard and is interested to work on new topics.

If you are depending on search engine marketing for promoting your products it is always better to choose niche products. The quality of the product and the sale page increases the conversion rate. Better is the presentation of the sale page better will be its chance to get purchased by the visitors. Now make a webpage that talk about the product with the affiliate link of the product to make money for you.

Then prepare a list of the keyword phrases (niche phrases) accordingly. Now you have a product page with a list of niche phrases related to the product.

Let’s start the promotion of the product with Bum marketing. You have to write articles on every niche phrases you have researched. The more the number of articles better will be the chance of your product page to come up in the search results of the major search engines. Submit these articles to major article directories. Do not stop the first day. Write more and more articles and keep submitting them to article directories. Do this repeatedly. Submit as much articles as you can with your product page link.

Don’t expect that the money will start coming the next day. It will take a couple of month. But after then you have a permanent money generating stream for you. Then you can repeat the whole process for the new product. Carry on and have patience. All this may take sometime but is permanent money generating option for you.

If you’re really serious about making money by using this Bum Marketing Method and boosting your earnings potential, you must be well known to selecting the right niche keywords and products, writing articles and the killing author paragraph that makes the record click for your product then be sure to pick up a copy of this Advanced Bum Marketing Tactics & Techniques Report.

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