Everything You Want to Know About Amazon Instant Android Apple TV, Chomecast and PS4

For anyone who likes to use Amazon Instant Video, you may have a lot of questions. This is common. When you are new to a service or when you want to make full use of it, you want to make sure that it suits you. If you have ever asked yourself, “Will Amazon Instant Video work for me?” then you may find your answer below.


Will It Be Available on Android?

Like most Android users, you want Amazon Instant Video to come to Android. It actually is available on Android right now, but it does not work as well as some might hope. It has come to Android tablets or phones, but the main app is for Google TV. Whether it will ever come to Android without difficulties is uncertain. It is up to Amazon whether it will be available on Android like most other streaming apps, but there is nothing definite right now. Until then, it will work on Android but it has numerous concerns.

Will It Come to Apple TV?

Apple TV owners, too, want their fill of Amazon Instant Video. Sadly, there is no way to watch through the Apple TV only. Instead, you will have to use an HDMI cord or AirPlay. Amazon Instant Video will work with Apple TV if you use one of those two methods. This means you need a second device, such as an iPad, but many have one already.

Will Chromecast Support Amazon Instant Video?

Chromecast owners want to enjoy their Amazon Instant Video, too. Sadly, like the two above, there is no option currently. Amazon’s application does not support Chromecast. There is a way to view videos through the Chromecast, though. It will work with Chromecast if you change from Silverlight to Flash and watch from the tabs. There is no other way to enjoy your Amazon Instant Videos on Chromecast.

Will PS4 Have Amazon Instant Video?

There is good news here! While other media devices do not support Amazon Instant Video, PS4 does. If you own a PS4 and would like to use it to stream media, you can do so. You simply have to download the application and then open it up. The process is simple and free so you can start enjoying your television shows and movies right away. You will need both a Sony Play account and an Amazon account to do this, though, so make sure that you have both if you do not already.

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