Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Start To Finish How To Create An Online Shopify Store 2018

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Start To Finish How To Create An Online Shopify Store 2018

In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily create your Shopify Store. Shopify is a great e-commerce platform with a robust set of features to have you selling your products/services in no time.

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Acting across a wide divergence of dynamicity and featuring driving, enthusiastic and fathomable up-to-the-task online selling platform, Shopify could either be your scheming source of little extra money, or a fascinating full-time job.

To get online and start selling straight away implementing your proactive ideas, Shopify is the fastest possible way.

In fact, creating a Shopify store would require a few simple steps, such as signing up, creating the store, adding the products and tapping the button, “go live”. E-commerce could not get any easier that that! However, here, we are going to elaborate, how straightforward the procedure could get.

A glimpse into Shopify 
Being headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is a leading e-commerce provider providing trendsetting and trend-shifting approaches to equip your e-commerce business with every kind of enticing weaponry. Shopify is the blender’s pride being a simple, yet elegant e-commerce platform and a fore thinking marketing solution that could propel any online business forward with its bespoke and concrete composition.

Why should you choose the Shopify as your e-commerce trading platform?
• Does not require knowing of a single line of coding, for Shopify will walk you through the whole process

• Store designing is pretty much easier as it has pre-existing 100 themes and you might have tweaked them, in any way you would like.

• Shopify delivers a perfectionist level of processing, management and tracking of all the orders and payments, therefore allowing you to focus on your core business.

• Setting up a Shopify store in 15 minutes

• Let us get started with pricing, for it starts with $29 per month, yet a 14 day free trial period is available. More importantly, there is no need to enter any credit card details.

• Visit the official website of Shopify and enter your email id.

• Give a name to your store and please think twice before giving the name, for harder times might come, when this name would keep motivating you.

• Now, it is time for you to add an address, so that the Shopify could calculate taxes along with the payments.

• Be done with the signing up and afterwards, you will be sent to a simple dashboard, where you are free to design your store.

• There are 100 pre-existing themes in Shopify. Choose any one among them and tweak them accordingly.

• Now, add the first product and product description.

• For images could play mind-whirling role in terms of sales, consider putting on a few bow-rocking images.

• Then, you need to set up the price and inventory. As a start-up, you must have to be creative while setting up the prices.

• Now, enter the shipping process and choose whether it would be manual.

• At this stage, add variants for sizes and colors. As Shopify has made the process of creating a custom domain name pretty easy, go for it.

• Purchase a custom domain and through the process, you would have to add a payment method that could be utilized later for getting paid as well.

Final verdict
Should you look for a complete control over the web hosting, coding along with performance, Shopify might seem a little bit restrictive and you ought to take help from the Shopify developers for better outcomes. Moreover, Shopify is more expensive as well, yet, creative, captivating and charismatic services like Shopify is hard to come by.

Had you been looking forward to a simple, hassle-free, easy and free option to start your venture through the voyage of modern e-commerce tradingFree Reprint Articles, there was no better alternative to Shopify.