Clickbank For Beginners – The 7 Steps Guide To Success Tutorial 2017-2018

Clickbank For Beginners – The 7 Steps Guide To Success Tutorial 2017-2018 – Clickbank For Beginners


In this quick video I will share some valuable information about Clickbank and how to make money with Clickbank following a simple 7 steps system.

This is a Clickbank affiliate marketing training center that is going to help you increase your your sales and help you generate a solid income from home with Clickbank.

Everyone is using Clickbank 2017 to work from the comfort of their home and making some extra cash to pay off their bills and help them have more money in their pockets.

In this 7-steps system you will learn how to make money with Clickbank without a website just by implementing our proven strategy and taking action.

Clickbank is a well known company that has paid out to their affiliates billions of dollars, so you want to take advantage of this opportunity today.

If you want to start seeing Clickbank success and results today then I recommend signing up for our free training and start implementing our secret methods.

Income Disclaimer: My results are NOT typical and I do not guaranteed you will make any money at all with Clickbank or our 7 steps system.

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Have you been looking for extra income that you can earn from the comfort of your own home? ClickBank’s Affiliate Program may be just what you are looking for.

Visit to see just how easy it is. You can sign up as an affiliate in just a few minutes. Registration is free. Simply fill out the registration form. You don’t have to worry about giving out any sensitive information. The only information you will need to give is the name you want your checks made payable to and the address to where they will be sent. Normal contact information; name, phone, email address and web site address (optional). You will then choose a nickname which will appear on all orders that you generate. Once you have finished and submitted the signup form you will receive an email with a registration code which you will need to complete the registration.

Now it is time to find the products you would like to promote. You can choose products from a vendor’s website or you can go to the ClickBank Marketplace. Once you click on the ClickBank Marketplace you can search several main categories (and their subcategories) such as Business to Business (Education, New Products, Web Design), Money and Employment (Self Employment, Investments, Home Businesses), Fun and Entertainment (Psychics, Magic, Screensavers) and Health and Fitness (Addiction, FitnessFree Reprint Articles, Nutrition) to name a few.

The listing that appears will automatically sort by popularity showing the most purchased products first. When you see one you think you may be interested in click on View Pitch Page and check out their sales pitch to see if you think it is something you would feel good promoting. If you are satisfied with the product or service and the site click on Create a Hoplink enter your ClickBank name and your Hoplink code will be generated for you. You now have your link to their product and can begin promoting and collecting commissions.

Each listing will show you how much commission you would be paid for that product. The listings come up in order of popularity and you have several choices. You may choose to go with one of the more popular products (which are being promoted by a lot of people) or you may find a product that you believe will be a good seller that isn’t already being promoted by a large group. You also have the option of promoting ClickBank’s entire marketplace as opposed to a single product. Then if the person you refer purchases anything from any of the published sites on the Marketplace you will receive a commission on that purchase.

Your commission is calculated based on 92.5% of the purchase price minus one dollar. So if you sell a product with a 65% commission and a purchase price of $70.00 you would receive commission on $41.44. That is the $70 purchase price minus 7.5% ($5.25) minus $1.00 x 65% commission.

The more products and services you promote the more commissions you will receive.