How To Sell ClickBank Products With NO Website ($100 A Day)

How To Sell ClickBank Products With NO Website ($100 A Day)

In this video, I’m going to show you how to promote Clickbank products without a website!

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So, if you want to know how to promote Clickbank products and make money you need to watch this one. I find a weird niche you can jump into.

The niche is very popular and no one is actually promoting it on Instagram like I mention in this video.

First, start an Instagram account and put the link you want to promote in the profile. Then find related video and make them go viral by using the methods in my past videos.

The Clickbank marketplace is full of products you can sell. Most people stick to the Make Money Online niche and the Fitness niche.

If you can find one of these weird products and find a good traffic your then you have a great chance of making $100 a day.

So to sell products on the Clickbank marketplace try this method and you can make $100 per day.

If you want to learn how to make ith affiliate marketing this is for you!

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“Maximizing your efforts by the way you setup the Clickbank payment option.”

This Clickbank setup really is an easy task once you know how. Hopefully what I am about to show you will save you some time, especially if you are selling a digital product…

Your primary sales page of your site should send the reader to your order page when the reader clicks the “order” button…on your order page, the customer orders by clicking the “Order” button. Do yourself a favor, re-iterate what the customer will get on your order page and drive home your guarantee again also.

On your order page, there should be an order button that, when clicked, will open up a Clickbank page where the user will put in his or her personal information (country, state, zip) to Clickbank.

At this point the user is sent to another Clickbank page where the user will put in his or her personal and payment/credit card information.

After the user puts in the credit card information and the sale is approved, Clickbank sends the user to another Clickbank page that has the heading “Click Here to Complete the Sale” and it gives the Clickbank order number on that page.

After the user clicks that “Click Here to Complete the Sale” link, Clickbank will send the user to your “Thank You” page.

NOTE: You will have to let Clickbank know where your “Thank You” page is located when you sign up with Clickbank…they make it very easy. When I say “where its located”, I mean the URL of the “Thank You Page”.

Make your “Thank You” URL page something odd, something that cannot be guessed by someone…this will cut down on theft.

Make your “Thank You” URL page something like:
“” where “ebk2av184-ntx.html” is the name of the html file of the “Thank You” page.

Your”Thank You” page will be built in your HTML Editor…it will be a html file that you’ll have to upload to your site, just like you would any other web page on your site. In the example above you would have named the page “ebk2av184-ntx.html”.

On your “Thank You” page, have your contact information, a “thanks for purchasing” message, etc…and keep it consistent with the way your web site looks and feels, use the same title bar, color scheme.

Most importantly, have a web form on your “Thank You” page that has 2 fields; 1 for the person’s name, and 1 for the person’s email. On your “Thank You” page, put “Enter the Information Here to Complete the Sale” referring to the web form with the 2 fields in it. This way you get the person’s name and email so you can follow up later with marketing messages or feedback questions.

After the person enters their name and email into that web form on the “Thank You” page and clicks the “Submit” button, their name will be stored in your auto responder’s database. In the code of that web form, there is what Get Response calls a “confirmation URL”…this “confirmation URL” is the URL where the user will be taken to after the “Submit” button is clicked from your”Thank You” page…this “confirmation URL” will actually be your download page.

On your download page, you’ll have step by step instructions to download your product. Believe me, having the step by step instructions on how to download your product on your download page will save you lots of time in answering emails from people asking you how to download your product. On your download page, you’ll have a link that the user will click to download your product.

If you setup your payment option via Clickbank in this fashion you will:

Save yourself time by not having to answer emails about how to download
Keep a consistent message throughout the sales process, professionalism
Gather the name and email of the person who bought so you can follow up for feedback or send other marketing messages to…

If you sign up for an auto responder, setting this up is a breeze…most give you the code you need to put inside your web page to make the web form…its very simple. Of course, you’ll have to build your order pageBusiness Management Articles, “Thank You” and “confirmation URL/Download Page” yourself in your HTML Editor.”

Karl Augustine