Make Money with Clickbank 2019 – Make Money with Clickbank Tutorial Step by Step

Make Money with Clickbank 2019 – Make Money with Clickbank Tutorial Step by Step

Make Money with Clickbank 2019 – Make Money with Clickbank Tutorial Step by Step

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This video is going to teach you how to make money with clickbank in 2019; it’s a complete make money with clickbank tutorial step by step so you can get a good understanding of what you need to do in order to make clickbank sales on a consistent basis.

If you want to make money with clickbank and you’re a beginner, there are there are three things you are going to need.

This is like a guide for clickbank for dummies:

1. Find a profitable clickbank product
2. Build a sales funnel
3. Get targeted traffic to your sales funnel to sale your clickbank products.

In the video, I give you an overview of what clickbank is and how to find a high-converting, quality clickbank product. We do this by using the clickbank marketplace itself as well as a website called cbengine, which is market place that rates and gives you the stats of all the best clickbank products in the entire marketplace.

Secondly, I show you how you can easily create a sales funnel to promote your clickbank products. I use a software called click funnels. It’s a drag and drop funnel builder which will make it super easy for newbies to get a website online.

Lastly, I show you multiple ways to get traffic to your website to promote your clickbank products. We review solo ads, banner ads and even a free traffic method, utilizing the power of YouTube to drive traffic to your sales funnel.


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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!


There are several ways for you to make Internet income with clickbank. Those are becoming either a merchant or an affiliate or both if you have ability. If you’re able to create a digital product (ebook, softwares…) to sell, you can become a merchant. There is a small fee to activate a merchant account. Conversely, if you don’t have a digital product or simply don’t want to develop one, you can still make Internet income from clickbank by applying for an affiliate account. Since becoming an affiliate is fast and free, this article will show you instructions on how to make money with clickbank as an affiliate.The first thing you need to do to make Internet income with clickbank is creating a clickbank account. All you have to do is visiting and clicking on the sign up link at the right corner of the screen to register a clickbank account. This step is very simple for lots of people. Unfortunately, Clickbank just lists over 100 countries on their sign up page. This means that if your country is not one of 100 countries listed, you will not be able to get a clickbank account, this is synonymous with you lose a very good chance to achieve wealth. However, there have been exceptions so you could send an email to Clickbank to see what personal information they might need to waive this rule. Once you’ve signed up for a clickbank account, you can start promoting any product on their network. While creating a clickbank account is easy and fast, however, choosing a legitimate and profitable product to promote will take you some time and calculation to accomplish.There are two things that you should pay special attention to when choosing a clickbank product. The first one is gravity of the product. A product with a high gravity, 50 or greater, means that many people have had success selling the product. The higher gravity a product gets, the better. The second note is refund rate of a product. Low refund rate means that satisfied customers are a lot. After all, it’s useless if you make a sale then have it returned later because of a refund by a buyer. But don’t worry because there is a simple formula that can help you calculate refund rate of clickbank products outlined below that you should always use to choose a clickbank product to promote:CB fee = [product price – 7.5% x (product price) – $1]   Affiliate commission = CB fee x Payout PercentageRefund difference = Affiliate commission – $Earned/ SaleRefund rate = (Refund difference : Affiliate commission) x 100%It’s believed that 10% of rate of refunds for a product is acceptable. The lower refund rate a product gets, the better.Now you know how to create a clickbank account, how to know a product is worth advertising or not. It’s time for you to know why you should use a blog or a website to promote the products that you’ve chosen.You’ll have to promote dozens of affiliate programs if you want to make nice Internet income. So, instead of wasting your time and effort on promoting one program at a time, you should gather all of the affiliate programs in one place. For example, you build a blog or website and put the whole affiliate links on that blog/ website. Then focusing the effort and time on promoting your blog/ website. Doing this will save you a lot of time and make you more income in the long-term. Besides, you’ll get a lot of benefits if you own a website/ blog. For instance, you’ll have your own home business career; you can increase the income by adding Google Adsense on your site; more important, you’re able to build your real asset is email address list which help you make multiple streams of income for the rest of your life.So, how much income can you make from clickbank? This is dependent on you using the formula outlined above in choosing a profitable clickbank product or not, and how much time you do spend on advertising your site as well as which ways to be used to get exposure for your site. You can absolutely make a good Internet income from clickbank but you need persistence, commitment and to have belief in yourself.

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