WORK FROM HOME Options for Women INDIA

WORK FROM HOME Options for Women INDIA

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I have shared all the possible links I could get, Hope it will be useful to any one of you.

Selling things on eCommerce website
Ready mades or sarees
Handmade crafts
Gardening products

Lunch meals
Cakes and desserts
Home made pickles

For the above services, you will have to market yourselves by

How to Set Up a Facebook Store 2018: 3 Easy Ways to Start Selling

Online tuition
Home tutor
Kids home tutor

Guest blogger
Guest Blogger opportunity


We Are Hiring!


Articles on how to be guest blogger

Best Blogging Sites Comparison Guide 2018

Get Paid To Blog – 121 Blogs That Pay For Guest Posts

How To Vlog And Become A YouTube Star

Blouse stitching
Kuch work on saree
Falls making
Salwar stitching
Free training courses here:

Computer knowledge
Photo editing for shopping websites
Listing products
Typing documents / books
Website designing

Freelance jobs available from below site for above work

Staying in village
Growing honey
See below link for the success story.
Her contact details are below. She also conducts free training in Madurai.

Preparing home made coconut oil
Below Video explains the process

Castor oil
Below Video explains the process

Protein powders
Will share the link soon

Organic vegetables
Below company offers installation help:

Packing groceries
You need to visit a packaging supplier and get the materials(Plastic Bottles, Covers). In Bangalore its available at BVK Iyengar Road, Chickpete. To start off you can use the standard sizes. Once you have a sizeable business then you can get a mould done for preparing the custom containers(Mould usually costs approx 2 lakh Rupees).
In parallel for supplying the material, you need to contact stores across your locality. Usually they take free samples initially and once the sales improve they will buy the stock. You need to be persistent and need to put in effort to get into the stores.

Hope you all enjoy this video.

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I am Navya from Bangalore, India. I am a Wife, Mom to be, Blogger, Youtuber, also Engineer graduate.
I am an ordinary woman (Not a Model, Not a stylist, Not a makeup artist, Not a health adviser) who just lead a very common life like any of you out there. So you could expect very normal day to day life videos where I am trying to learn.

In person I am very Strong, sensitive, emotional, active minded, clean freak, minimalist, sort of perfectionist, traveler, chatty, fitness freak, average cook, average painter,

I love youtube’ing because I just love the concept of recording my life and put it on public. Also I am happy that I can recap my life sometime in the future. On this channel I record my life the way it is. At times it could be boring, repetitive or may not be so entertaining.

I am not here to make any sponsored videos or to get some goodies. I want women supporting our community where we can discuss / talk / share our happiness, problems and help each other on well being.
Any comment on my videos which I feel is not appropriate OR intend to hurt, I prefer deleting or block them. Because I am here to spread happiness and intend to keep the environment a healthy one. If you really do not like my videos, it would be so nice of you not to watch them.

Lets create a healthy world around us. Spread happiness.

Lots of Love,
Navya Ambarish

All The products used in the video are all purchased by me or my hubby’s own money unless mentioned.


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Many people begin a work at home business to spend time with the kids or to reduce day care costs.  However, many people forget that having a work at home business takes work, and that kids can sometimes be a slight hindrance.  That does not mean a work at home business cannot be a success if you have children at home, it just means that you need to make some adjustments.  By following some simple guidelines, your work at home business can be a success even if you have children.

First, you should sit down with your family and set down clearly defined rules for conduct around the house when you are working.  That means letting them know when friends can come over and when they can vaccum.  This rule does not only apply to the work at home business with kids in the house.  It also goes for people with spouses or roommates.  The clear definition of work time and what can happen around the house during that time is important.

Knowing what is acceptable during your work time is good, but having a work only zone in your house is very helpful.  If you have an office area in your home with a door, then you can close it when you need to make phone calls or concentrate on your work.  If you have a work at home business with kids, it is also necessary to lay down the rules as to what they can and cannot touch in your workspace. 

Another important factor, especially if you have younger children, you should have the discussion with your significant other regarding child care while you are working.  It is difficult to complete your job in your work at home business with children crying in the background or needing to be fed.  If you can, arrange for a babysitter during a few peak hours per workday or try to trade off child care duties with your spouse. 

If child care is a budget issue, then this will have an effect on your work at home business with kids around.  You may need to reconsider your work hours to accommodate a child care schedule.  The typical 9 to 5 workday may not be what works for you.  You may also need to resign yourself to not being able to get as much work done as you would like.  Having a work at home business with kids definitely means being more flexible in your schedule.

Read the rest of the article here: Work at Home Business with Kids – Mix with Care.

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