Go Ahead, Tell Your Boss You Are Working From Home | Nicholas Bloom | TEDxStanford

Go Ahead, Tell Your Boss You Are Working From Home | Nicholas Bloom | TEDxStanford

Working from home (or WFH) has an undeservedly bad reputation, says Stanford economist Bloom. Based on research comparing the productivity of those who are “home working on their couches or in their pajamas” with those commuting and sitting in a cubicle 8 hours a day, Bloom says no one should be afraid to tell their boss they are working at home. Here is the evidence you need to convince your supervisor to let you give it a try.

Nicholas (Nick) Bloom is the William Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University, a Senior Fellow of SIEPR, and a Co-Director of the Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. His research focuses on management practices and uncertainty. He previously worked at the UK Treasury and McKinsey & Company. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the recipient of awards including an Alfred Sloan Fellowship, the Bernacer Prize, the European Investment Bank prize, the Frisch Medal, the Kauffman Medal and a National Science Foundation Career Award. He has a BA from Cambridge, an MPhil from Oxford, and a PhD from UCLA.

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However, it is important to make a wise choice on the type of work from home job that requires your abilities and interests, the kind of life you have at home, and the authorized and zoning necessities you are living. Here are examples of legitimate work from home jobs:ï transcriptionï writing and editingï child careMedical transcriptionA medical transcription is one type of work from home job which is a great choice for someone who types fast, has been trained in transcription and has a wide knowledge in the field of medicine. As a medical trancriptionist, you will be required to convert a patientís medical records to a typewritten format instead of the usual handwritten format.  While there is really no need for an official educational requirement, there is still a need for you to have any of these requirements:ï medical transcription training which could be done in a traditional schoolï certificate programsï on-the-job training which are often offered by a few hospitalsï distance learningBeing a medical transcriptionist, you have to be challenged constantly and keep updated so you could perform your position well. You need to learn a lot of new medical procedures and the latest medications. Being a medical trancriptionist, you are  required you to allocate a lot of time not only during your work but also the time to study and learn. On the other hand, you can be paid well and have a steady job. Writing and editingWriting or editing work from home job is a great option too. You are required to have excellent style of writing and editing, grammar skills and rich in vocabulary. An experience is often necessary to find sufficient work to write and/or edit on a fixed basis. Payment may be done in the number of hours you have allocated and hourly rates are high, especially for copywriting or business writing. You can also become a part-time writer or editor if you are still a full-time employee or still a student. This type of work may not always be steady but it can really be a good way to earn money while your skills in writing/editing and grammar are greatly improved as well. Child careChild care is definitely a good option for a mother who would like to stay home with her child/children. The benefits are really considerable; not only will she be present at home most of the time and raise her children, but she can still take care of the other children she is paid to look after as well. She can also receive a stable income throughout her child care work from home job, while reducing her own child care costs. She can also reduce other expenses such as office clothing and transportation, which of course are always there when employed at a normal job. Other legitimate work from jobsOther legitimate work from home jobs may include tax and/or financial consulting, development and research work, etc. Many websites provide the basic information involving facts about legitimate jobs that people can obtain from the comforts of their home. 

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