Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 30: Setting Up Shipment Tracking

Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 30: Setting Up Shipment Tracking

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This shipment tracking app will save you tons of headaches and money in the future. Definitely recommend getting it. Also, you can push notifications to your users using email so it totally will improve LTV of your customers and make you that much more profitable in the long run!

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When you intend to do something, if you don’t know the ins and outs of
it, then the chances are that you won’t be able to get quality stuff. Also, the
chances of getting defrauded increase significantly. But, the problem is that
you can’t become an expert in each and every field in this world. Hence, what
you need to do is to acquire the expertise of a reliable and experienced person
or company. Now, the same thing can be applied to the design industry. When you
are willing to create a logo design for your business, then you need to know
who to hire and what to look for to ensure that you get more for your money and
that you don’t end up losing your money.


So, let’s discuss some important things that you should do and look for
to ensure that you create your brand identity / logo design in an influential


Hire a Professional Designer: This is something extremely important.
Will you ever hire an unprofessional to fix your roof or ceiling? No, you will
never take the risk, because you don’t want your ceiling to collapse. So, if
you take the risk of hiring an unprofessional designer, then the chances will
increase that sooner or later your business will collapse due to its cheap
image and identity. Don’t just go and hire a graphic designer. Make sure that you
actually hire a professional logo designer with vast experience in creating
logos for small businesses.


Get Many Logo Design Concepts: Once you feel interested in hiring a
designer or company, you need to first check their packages. It is advisable to
get a package with several concepts. This will assist you in making a decision
easily and conveniently. As it is important to create your business image
effectively, having several concepts will enable you to mix different ideas
that you will get through different concepts. So, never go for 1 concept.
Always ask more several concepts.


Get Unlimited Revisions: It is not really possible to get the logo done
in the first attempt. So, it is advisable to tell your designer to give you
unlimited revisions. A lot of companies and designers will give you a limited
number of revisions. Don’t be fooled by that, because after they provide you
with the set number of revisions and if you are not satisfied, then you will
lose your money. So, go for a logo design company that offers unlimited
revisions with their packages.


Free Stuff: Sooner or later you will be needing stationery for your
business.  A lot of logo design companies
offer free stationery designs with some of their logo design packages. It is
advisable to get them now, because later you will end up paying more for them.
So, look for an affordable logo design package that also offers free stationery
designs. This will include: Business Card DesignHealth Fitness Articles, Letterhead Design and
Envelope Design. All these things are important for businesses and if you can
get them for free then there is nothing better than that.