Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Setting Up Store Navigation & Compliant Pages

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Setting Up Store Navigation & Compliant Pages

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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Setting Up Store Navigation & Compliant Pages

In todays episode i go over how to setup your shopify navigation for the best optimization for your shopify store & also the compliant pages.

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If you have never purchased a logo design before and you have no clue about
designs, then there is nothing to worry about, because here we will teach you how
the design process works and what their terminologies are to allow you to order
your new custom logo without scratching your head.


Now, the first thing that you need to decide is whether you need a
brand new logo for your business or improve the existing logo i.e. if you have
one. It is important to decide this, so you may search for a designer
accordingly. If you are concerned about the cost, then redesigning your
existing logo will be cheaper for you.


There are literally millions of design companies on Earth and they all
are competing for your business (if you are making a purchase online) and,
thus, they offer all sorts of benefits to win your business. Their pricing
structure is different and they offer different number of concepts as well as
revisions. So, let’s discuss their general terms to help you understand what they
are selling and what you are going to buy:


Let’s talk about the most important thing first i.e. price. You might
be thinking that a logo design will cost you a fortune because it creates your
corporate identity and, thus, the designer will charge you tons of money for
this important work. Before the advent of internet, this notion was probably
correct, but now things have changed. Design companies from around the globe
are ready for your business and, thus, rates are not high anymore. You can get
a quality logo design for even less than a hundred dollars. However, one thing
that you need to make sure is that you receive a unique design. It must be
customized to represent your business in an attractive and unique way.


Now the next thing that we are going to discuss is logo design
concepts. You will see several concepts in different packages. Concepts are
actually ideas or design ideas. The designer who works on your project creates
several different versions of your logo and these versions are known as concepts.
They will be based on the brief that you will provide when you order. It’s good
to have several concepts in front of you as they help you choose the best logo
for your business. If you like a concept but want some changes to it, you may
ask the company to do it for you.


These changes that you ask for are called revisions. Based on your
selected package, you may either get unlimited revisions or a specific amount
of revisions. So, it all depends on the package that you select. You may ask them
to change anything you want. For example, if you want to change a particular
color, you may ask them to do it for you. Unlimited revisions will enable you
to get the perfect logo for your business.


Another thing is the turnaround time. This is the time the design
company will take to create your logos for you. Usually it takes anywhere from
3 to 5 days to create initial concepts for you. However, you may ask them to
speed up a little, but it will cost you extra.


SoHealth Fitness Articles, now you know how you can order a logo design for your business
without wondering about design terminology.