Configuring VAT in Shopify tutorial – Printful

Configuring VAT in Shopify tutorial – Printful

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This tutorial takes you through the steps of configuring VAT for your Shopify store.
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This very basic guide will show you how it works.

1-Add Blu-ray files into converter.

Put Blu-ray disk into disc drive. Run Bluray to MKV Converter6, Click “File” to “Load BD/DVD ROM”, then the application will load all data in your disc.

2-Set for Output.

Choose entire disc data, then Edit botton will enlighten, click on it, “Edit Disc” panel will pop out. Choose audio tracks and subtitles in option, only original Blu-ray disc embodied subtitles are elective.

Choose one profile in “Format”. For further settings, click “Settings” beside, some general parameters regarding audio, video and subtitle streams are adjustable, for instance video/audio/subtitle codec, size, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate channels.

3-Start converting Blu ray to MKV5.

After above settings, back to main interface. Typically, in a disc, there are some unrelated segments. You can check the disc data in the left side of the program. Choose one to preview, please note that preview window plays video only without audio or subtitles.

Then check those segments you want to preserveComputer Technology Articles, click MKV to start ripping Blu-ray movies to MKV files.