Design workspace tour – Working from home

Design workspace tour – Working from home

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Now that I work from home for my remote design job I had to seriously upgrade my home office/home workspace to be my ideal space for working in. I hope you enjoy this desk tour and seeing the space I work in and the equipment I use!

Standing desk:
External Monitor:
Apple Magic Keyboard:
Apple Magic Trackpad:
MacBook: 2015 model 15″ Macbook Pro
Podcast microphone:
Anti-fatigue mat:



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In case you want to work at home, then you have to be prepared for the daily grind. We all think that working at home is easy, obviously, the comforts of home is a plus for anyone who has a home-based business. Although a home based business can be relatively comfortable, there is also a lot of hard work involved here. In fact many of those who have home based business actually work harder than those who have a regular office job. They also have to be mentally tougher since it can be difficult at times to get a regular client.

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