Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | Screw Ups #1- Not Using Quality Vendors

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | Screw Ups #1- Not Using Quality Vendors

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Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | Screw Ups #1 – Not Using Quality Vendors

In this Shopify review, I share 1 of my screw ups when promoting my Shopify drop shipping store. Because I was so focused on making sales in the beginning and fulfilling orders fast, I failed to use quailtiy vendors to source my products which in turn cause many orders to either be late or not shipped at all.

I made it a point in the beginning to have my customer service in line which grateful saved my butt while everything was going crazy around this time. But it was also a learning lesson that I ensure is taken care of before I create and add any products to my stores now.

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