Work From Home Uhaul Review

Work From Home Uhaul Review

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With many people worldwide losing their jobs and a recent hike in the cost of living it’s no wonder these people are venturing into work at home affiliate marketing with the hope of increasing or replacing their current incomes.

How and where do you become a work at home affiliate?

ClickBank is an excellent place to start as there are over 12,000 digital products stored there for their owners such as eBooks and software.

These owners (merchants) are crying out for work at home affiliate marketers to promote and sell their products.

After you have opened your free account there you will obtain your own unique affiliate which ClickBank use to identify where the sale came from.

You now need to choose which products you would like to sell, a word of advice here would be to start with something that is of interest to you.

Your next task is getting people to either visit your website or the sales page of the merchant.

You can attempt this by using Pay per Click (PPC) where you basically pay for advertising or take the cost free route that I always choose which is referred to as Article Marketing.

I was initially put off by the latter as it involves writing articles.

But please don’t let this discourage you as I’ve found out since that it’s really quite easy.

Quite simply all you need to do is read other writers articles to get some ideas and then put it all into your own words.

Failing that, you could pay to have articles written for you as I did at the beginning, it won’t cost an arm and a leg but like I did, you’ll probably realize after that you could have done them yourself.

You then have to learn how to insert your affiliate ID links into your articles before submitting them to as many the free article directories as possible.

People will hopefully click on these links to get to the sales page and then when a sale is made ClickBank will distribute the proceeds accordingly between you and the merchant.

So why do people choose work at home affiliate marketing?

Well the cost of starting up would be next to nothing compared to the start up costs of many conventional businesses.

I’m sure you’re aware of how much you’d need to startsay a fast food franchise or a manufacturing business and it could take years before you begin to make any profit.   

Then there’s the added benefit of working from home, having no travelling or any of the costs associated with travelling to encounter.

There’s no face to face selling or appointments to attend, no products to manufacture, no storage space or deliveries required.

But perhaps the biggest attraction is that commissions of 75% for selling these products are quite commonplace, but the list goes on.

But wait a minute; don’t get giving up your day job yet my friend.

Although there’s no limit to how much you can make you could end up like one of the many unfortunate ones that don’t make anything at all if you’re not careful.

The biggest problem facing newbie’s is not only learning how to do it but learning how to do it correctlyArticle Submission, there are thousands of people out there offering their help but quite often you’ll get little in return for your hard earned cash.