Facebook Ads Tutorial : Carousel Ads

Facebook Ads Tutorial : Carousel Ads

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Social media marketing has been gaining popularity among the
SEOs in recent years and undoubtedly the rising dominance of Facebook is one of
the biggest reasons for this trend. With more than 750 million active users,
Facebook has been attracting the app marketers too. This article discusses
about using Facebook effectively for app marketing.

Site and blog: To do Facebook app marketing effectively,
the first thing you need is creating a good site for your app with a blog
associated with it. The blog may be page of the site (example.comblog) or a
subdomain (blog.example.com). Apart from Facebook app marketing, this site and
the blog can help you in branding and gain you good rank in search engines.

Then create a good Facebook fan page for your app. You can visit
Angry Birds Facebook page as an example for this. Make this page aggregate the
posts you publish in your blog. In the blog, you can publish news about your
app like its updates, new deals and its achievements. You can also add general
news that could impress smartphone users. It will make them to “like” your
Facebook page.

Share it with friends: If you are good at
socializing, you must be having at least 200 friends in Facebook. This little
trick may annoy those friends a bit. However, if you are good at app making,
they would like you doing this. You are good at it, aren’t you? Let me explain
this. Whenever you update your blog, share it in your Facebook page and tag
your friends. Facebook will prevent you from tagging more than 10 friends. So
please choose 10 ‘influential’ people in your friends list, who have at least
200 friends each. This means, your post can reach 2000 people in this way. If
you have shared a thing that is worth reading, at least 20 among them would
share it with their friends and your news would travel easily within the

Use fan pages: The next trick is about posting your
link in Facebook fan pages. Search it with the terms like “iphone app” or “top
apps” and select those pages that have more active users. See whether they are
allowing users to make wall post. If they allow “like” those pages and share
your link there. Don’t post link in more than two pages in one day. Otherwise
Facebook will ban you from posting links. The news you share in Facebook should
be worth reading. Apart from providing news about your app, you can also
publish general news items related to things like smartphones, mobile OS
security or apps. It can also make readers to visit your blog and your site

These ideas may look a bit like spamming, but there is one
major difference between spamming and marketing. If you are promoting a good
product, then you are marketing. On the other hand if your product doesn’t
worth your marketing efforts then you are spamming. So, before start marketing
your app, you need to have a good app that could impress at least a small
percent of smartphone users.

Facebook app marketing is one of the many tricks that can be
used for promoting an app and don’t rely too much on it. It will increase the
buzz around your app. HoweverHealth Fitness Articles, you need to create that buzz with other app
marketing techniques.