Facebook for Beginners Revised by Mark Ellis

Facebook for Beginners Revised by Mark Ellis

This is a presentation on Facebook ( www.facebook.com) for Beginners by Mark Ellis for Boise State University

If you who want to use Facebook as a
platform to generate affiliates and market their business, the best
company to contact is Avenue Social. Log on to Avenuesocial.com to
choose from a wide variety of Facebook applications.

One of the major money making
techniques on the Internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate
marketing is a concept that businesses practice to reward affiliates
or customers for their marking efforts to bring in more affiliates
and/or customers. An affiliate could be in the form of a subscriber,
visitor, or sale. Affiliate marketing is a chance for merchants to
advertise their products without shelling out big bucks. For
affiliates, as well, affiliate marketing is an easy opportunity to
make money online. Affiliate marketing can be done through a variety
of methods and the one that is catching on with online marketers is
to build
Facebook apps
to get more affiliates.

Build Facebook Apps: How Facebook
Helps in Affiliate Marketing

If you aim at marketing your products
in a certain market on Facebook, you need to build Facebook apps for
it. Through your Facebook apps, you can affiliate yourself on other
applications or user profiles. For instance, there is a variety of
applications on Facebook that enable users to play games, check their
IQ or pretend to be a virtual fighter. Such applications are a
valuable medium for businesses to advertise their products and cater
to the vast Facebook user base. Whenever a user logs in to use any of
these applications, the right side of the page gets loaded with

A Facebook user can earn points,
rewards or cash by making a purchase through an advertisement and by
referring friends. Compensation may be rewarded on pay per click,
impression, lead, sale or a combination of these. The more affiliates
a customer brings in for an application, greater will be the revenues
s/he can generate.

Merchants and affiliates are levering
to interact with users. In 2007, Amazon ran the
Amazon Associates Program to encourage Amazon ECS developers to try
developing Facebook apps. They could earn money corresponding to the
number of users who get to Amazon through applications developed by

Here are some of the applications that
were developed by ECS developers: