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What an opportunity – Working At Home! “Sounds great, but what am I going to do?”

This is the thought that so many women have once they have decided to quit their ‘day job’ and join those that want the ‘work at home’ lifestyle. There are so many issues to consider and one of the main ones is to decide what it is that you are actually going to do and how to do it to be successful.

The options for a work at home career are infinite and a common thread is a persons creativity. Quite often a person will start with an idea to work from home, but after a while may add extra ideas to that to increase a business, or may just find there is something else they prefer doing. When you have finally got out of the ‘rat race’ you will find that you can clearly explore other options for income earning at home. Your creativity will start to flow as you are free of other work commitments.

Online opportunities are a rapidly growing area that women and men can make money either on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis. A person can hook up with other business people and learn from them or they can start up their own business using their own imagination.

Some of the internet opportunities are Affiliate Marketing, Ebay and Auctions, Adsense and Contextual Advertising or providing another type of service.

Affiliate Marketing is great in that you can start this business with very little expenditure and more often than not, the more you learn, the more you make. Opportunities are endles because there are thousands of people out there wanting their products sold. Your focus is to earn an income selling their products and not spend time making your own.

Ebay and Auctions offer a good way of making money if your working hours are going to be fairly broken up due to family commitments. You surely have heard of Ebay! There are many ways of making money on Ebay. You can start by selling items from around the house that you no longer want, and from there you can start purchasing re-saleable items at fetes and garage sales and put them on the site as well. But you could track down some wholesalers who will sell end of lines to you at rock bottom prices. These could be anything from last season’s clothing lines to pots and pans. Some people rely on drop shippers: making sales and then having the drop shipping firm handle order fulfilment, leaving the seller to keep any profit margin. If you are creative you can also make your own items to sell on ebay such as clothing, jewellery or bags, etc. Ebay has a lot to offer so it is worth checking out all their services.

You could even team up with some crafters and agree to do the selling of their products on Ebay. This could be a great project for all concerned. Often crafters cannot find somewhere to sell their products and therefore are forced to stop because they cannot recoup the cost, or they just do not know what to do with their finished products.

Adsense and Contextual Advertising is available through Google’s Adsense program and is another way to make good money online. This concept does need some extra effort and quite possibly learning some new skills, but users who have mastered this concept do make excellent money.

Providing a service online can be a career that is developed over time into a very profitable business, even to the point of having to employ staff to cope with your work load. The services could be copywriting, article writing, translations, writing ebooks, graphic design, freelance art jobs, data entry, programmer and many more. Learning to promote your serves online can be a little labor intensive but eventually it gets easier.

Offline services that you could offer would be telemarketing whereby a company gives you a script and you try to build up a customer relationship over the phone and create sales. You may be able to obtain positions as a back up administrator, legal typist or proof reader to name a few.

Possibly being a mystery shopper may suit you. An example of this is, a company requiring you to shop at certain stores on their behalf and assess the service that you get. This can be quite fun.

If you are creative, you may find that your expertise in making a certain product will bring you in a nice tidy income. You could be doing candle making, soap making, craft products, floral arrangements, cooking, sewing and there are lots of other skills that can be used to make saleable items

Selling through a party plan can be very profitable indeed, and you can set up the selling appointments to suit your home commitments. It is possible to sell your own items, like clothing, by party plan or you may prefer to go with one of the commercial products like Maybelline or a line of jewellery or linen for example. There are a huge range of products that can be sold on party plan. Some of the bonus schemes available can really make a difference to your pocket. So check them out and see if this would suit you.

Other ideas for selling are to grow plants, either as pot plants or vegetable and fruit producing, or cut flowers. You could breed animals, such as pedigree dogs or birds. You could further a photography hobby and sell pictures (if you do something like this, it would be better to specialise in a niche like flowers, landscapes or some other interest).

If you are seriously going to work from home, look at all your options. Do not forget to analyse the financial cost, the market for your work, where at home are you going to workFeature Articles, and the time it will take to get your business up and running.