[Shopify Tutorial] Optimizing Theme Images for Loadtime

[Shopify Tutorial] Optimizing Theme Images for Loadtime

Optimize your theme’s image assets in five minutes.

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You are lucky enough to get this tutorial about how to correctly maintain your gemstone jewerly and other beaded jewelry supplies. We have eight ways to inform you!

A few days ago, you sorted out all the jewelry you have collected within the few years. The costume jewelry you bought fromwholesale beads stores are just in proper status, you see, after wiping off the dust with soft cloth, the jewelry starts glittering again.

However the jewelry made of gemstones beads or other kinds of precious materials easily loses their primitive sheens and is hard to be restored back to the original figure, especially under the unhealthy storage condition. Even though you have tried many times to wipe with cloth or clean with professional cleansing liquid, the result is identical, that is, your gemstones are dimly refracted to make you more gloomy.

There are six ways to refresh your jewelry, making them twinkling under sunshine. They are young again!

Way 1: ruby and sapphire

They are easy to protect. As both possess such properties as high hardness, medium flexibility and stable chemical status, they should be shunned from ferocious crash and high temperature.

Way 2: emerald

It is one kind of fragile gemstone. Moreover natural emeralds are often flawed and easily cracked; therefore they should be avoided from heavy pressures and crashes. In order to conceal the flaws, emeralds are often processed by soaking into oil or rubber. As a result, they have to be kept way from overheat.

Way 3: chrysopal (alexandrite and cat eye)

With its strong hardness and good flexibility, chrysopals are considered as ideal gems for males. In the progress of wearing, you should generally walk aloof from high temperature zones and objects. In particular when your stone is being re-made, never place it over open flame.

Way 4: tourmaline

It is of low hardness, so keep it away from any crash or friction; furthermore, with the thermoelectric properties, tourmalines will adsorb several tiny dust particles after a period of sun irradiation or being heated. Therefore they should be frequently cleaned with alcohol or other neutral cleansing liquid; and meanwhile they should also be kept off overheat to secure their color unchanged.

Way 5: zircon and olivine

They cannot be mixed and stored with other gems. As they are formed in the condition of underearth and high temperature, with the weak hardness they are usually made into big-sized gems. But the frictions that may happen between them and other gems would destroy their edges and squares. Moreover the both are unable to stand overheat. In addition, olivine is also powerless to resist acids. If it is contact with acid materials in long term, its surfaces will get corroded and lose beautiful glitters forever.

Way 6: topaz and moonlight gem

They should be protected from crash. As both have cleavages, they will end with whole or partial damage after crash.

Way 7: spinelle and garnet

They are in medium hardness. Similarly they should also be kept from crashes between each other.

Way 8: crystal

It should be in no contact with radioactive substances and heats, because the color of crystal will be changed under radiation exposure.

These gems are one kind of vital beads charms, therefore keeping them in good condition is an essential job. Take the eight ways to carefully look after your gems and next time you show them outScience Articles, they are still shining as new ones.