12 Highest Paying Work at Home Jobs

12 Highest Paying Work at Home Jobs

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Don’t waste your valuable time filling out surveys or searching with Swagbucks to earn PENNIES. Seriously, if you want to make a living working from home, there are much, much better options.

In this video, I share 12 ideas for how to make money from home. All of these jobs allow you to set your own hours, work for yourself, and be in control of how much money you make.

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When considering how to work in home on the internet, the first question to ask yourself is…

1. Do I like being alone, or would I rather be around lots of people?
When you work at home on the internet, you obviously have a more solitary work environment.  This can cause problems if you’re the type of person who’s more comfortable around others.  If you’re the more social type, but still endeavor to work from home on your computer, you’ll need to find or create online work that allows you to interact with others.  You’ll be working many hours on your business, so finding work from home business ideas that are compatible with your personality is important.

2. Do I want a work at home JOB or do I want a home web BUSINESS?
There are very clear differences between a job and a business:

• You work for someone else.
• Your time belongs to someone else.
• You are usually paid by the hour or by project.
• You need to have marketable skills or previous experience.
• Success is based on what someone else thinks you’re worth.

• You work for yourself.
• Your time is your own.
• Your “pay” is based on commissions or profits.
• You only need ideas, passion, and determination.
• Success is based on how much you work.
• There are always expenses – at least minimal.

Think about how you’d like to spend your time and what you’d like to spend your time doing.  If you choose a route that fits you, you’re more likely to be successful.

3. How hard (and long) am I willing to work to meet my goals?
If you choose to get started in your own home bussiness then, believe it or not, this seemingly simple question is the most important one you have to ask yourself.  You MUST be honest with yourself.  The reason it’s called “work at home” is because it requires work.  There’s no getting around it.  If you just want extra income, then it won’t require as much effort as it would for a full-time income, but remember — there is no get-rich-quick just because you work in home on the Internet.  (Beware the scams!)

4. How much money do I want to put into any home web business?
All businesses have start up costs but, one of the greatest advantages of home web businesses is that they’re much less expensive than typical offline businesses.  Nonetheless, you should decide ahead of time what you’re willing and able to spend.  Be sure to include start-up costs, maintenance costs, and possible marketing costs.  Every buisness online requires two types of investment — a little money and lots of time.

5. What types of online home businesses would I be good at?
Consider what you’re good at in general.  First and foremost, go with your passions. Consider what things interest and motivate you the most — otherwise it can be hard to stay energized.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

— Write and sell ebooks if you have a lot of experience or knowledge about something — baking, organizing, cake decorating, woodworking, etc.
— If you’re a talented craftsman, you could start a website selling your handiwork.
— Would your friends say you’re “opinionated”? — Start an online blog.
— If you don’t have much to share with the world, then you can always become an affiliate marketer.  Affiliates promote what others have already produced and make money based on referral sales.

6. What should I look for when starting an internet business?
• A product or service you feel good about
• Minimal start-up and monthly fees
• A system you can duplicate
• Built-in residual income potential
• A company in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
• 24/7 training and support — marketing materials and ideas

7. How do I get started?
Build a simple website.  Whether your love is for cupcakes, baby names, kayaking, hair accessories, or cheese graters, a one-page website is all you need to start your work in home on the internet.  Fortunately for youFree Reprint Articles, you won’t need to hire someone to build a website.  You can learn how in one afternoon.  Get going.