Matt McGorry Performs Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” | Lip Sync Battle

Matt McGorry Performs Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” | Lip Sync Battle

Matt Mcgorry shows off his raunchy dance moves in his terrific performance of Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home”.

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When people think of working from home, the usual things that come to
mind are the posts associated with huge dollar signs and easy minimal
tasks almost involving no effort at all. This, however, is not the
reality of telecommuters. In fact, the only thing that changes when it
comes to working from home is…well you’re home. Though the amount of
responsibility, attendance, and performance all play a vital role in
one’s success with any company on or off-site. So before applying to
every company that allows you to telecommute, consider the following:Background NoiseThis
is a major factor in employment. If you have little ones in the house
and you are their primary caregiver during shift hours, you may want to
re-think applying. A noise canceling headset is not enough as you will
be constantly interrupted and guided by your child’s needs during work.EquipmentMake
sure that you have available everything the company requires before
applying. This includes internet access (with certain companies
requiring specific computer speed, memory, and software), unlimited
long distance (no cell phones), and sometimes, a fax and printer. This
is the basic home office set up.TimeIt is important to
plan your time and family life around your work schedule. If you have
to pick up kids from school around 3:30, don’t accept a position that
calls for working 8-5pm. Make sure that your personal life is taken
care of before you start your shift so that you have fewer
interruptions.ExpectationsDo not assume that just
because you made $12 per hour at your on-site job, a work home company
has to offer you the same thing. Unless, you applying at an executive
level, telemarketing and/or customer service jobs pay less than the
same job title to a on-site position. If your job offered you medical,
dental, and stock options, do not assume that will be the case in the
virtual world. Remember, that your competition for a work home position
is on a national level. Working your way up to become a reputable
employee can gain you access to higher paying home jobs.Finally,
know that once you have all this taken care of, it still may take some
time to land something concrete and legit. Stay diligent and consistent
in your work home search. Good Luck.

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