WORK from HOME Productivity Tips + OUTFIT IDEAS ft FashionbyAlly | Work Outfits Fashion | Miss Louie

WORK from HOME Productivity Tips + OUTFIT IDEAS ft FashionbyAlly | Work Outfits Fashion | Miss Louie

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I’m 5’2″ – 105 lbs. / Size XS or S or 32C in tops / Size 00 or 0 or 24 in jeans/pants

– Stripe T-Dress [Size XS, $35]:
– Gray T-Dress [Size XXS, $25]:
– Black Dress [Size XS, $19]: OR similar [$20]: OR premium version [$98]:
– Olive shirt dress (similar):
+ Long sleeve

+ Short sleeve

– Gray wool cardigan [Size XS, $34]: OR
– Denim Jacket (old Forever 21):

– Yellow Scarf (similar):
– Small Cognac bag [$148]:
– Med Cognac tote [$158]:

– Wine Slides [$98]:
– Cognac suede heels [$145]:
– White Sneakers [Go down a size, $75]

– Blue Stripe blouse [Size XXS, $69]:
– Mustard Wide Leg Trousers [Size XS, $39]: OR more affordable [$19]:

– Mom Jeans [Size 25, $70]:
– Floral blouse (thrifted, similar $28):
– Tan mules [$89]:

– Beige Tote [$48]:
– Yellow Scarf (similar):
– Small Cognac bag [$148]:

– KALE T-Shirt [Size XS, $34]:
– Navy Blazer (old Express, new options here): OR similar dupe here:

– Leonardo Tee (sold out Topshop, new versions here):
– Light Gray Blazer [Size 2, $75]:

– Skinny Jeans [Size 0P, $38]:
– Pink Culottes [Size S, $18]
More Colors:

– Burgundy loafer mules [$155]:
– Med Cognac tote [$158]:

– Black Joggers [Size XS, $95]:
– Black T [Size XS, $24]:
– Gray Blazer (old ASOS, similar $75): OR affordable [$35]:

– White Knotted Front Tee [Size XXS, $39]:
– Cream Pointy Toe Flats [$145]:

– Gray/Black Dipped Backpack [$80]:

– Black Leggings [Size XSP, $29]:

– Gray long cardi [Size XXS, $49]:
– White Button Down [Size XS, $19]:
– Cream Oversized Tunic Sweater (last season FP, similar $148):

– Gray/Black Dipped Backpack [$80]:
– Patterned Monogram Tote [$160]:
– Tan mules [$89]:

Music by Joakim Karud:

FTC Disclaimer: This video was not sponsored. All items were purchased by my own funds and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me and my dream!!!! Love you all XOXO

Being a work at home mom may be a difficult task. There are several distractions to avoid when working at home. Children, visitors, family and the phone can all be distractions when staying home to earn money.

Mom’s who work at home may be plagued with distractions. They probably have the most distractions than anyone in the work force. The kids that are home that mom is taking care of is a big distraction by itself, but when you add family and friends stopping in or the phone ringing to the mix, very little work may get accomplished. This may make it very difficult to get caught up and stay caught up.

There are many work at home opportunities for moms so they can stay home and take care of their children while still bringing in an income for the family. Most of the work at home opportunities allow moms to make their own hours or schedule as long as any work that has a deadline is in on time. Having a relaxed dress code is a great advantage also. When at home with the children moms would rather be comfortably dressed.

Before the internet there were the product assembly at home or stuffing envelopes at home opportunities. A lot of these ended up being either a scam or unrealistic for moms who stay home. To assemble products at home requires assembling a lot of them to earn any kind of income. Probably unrealistic for the moms who do not have a lot of free time on their hands. Now a mom has to decide which work at home opportunity is worthy of her time and effort.

It would be ideal for moms who stay home to have a large network of other moms who also stay home and earn an income. They can exchange ideas for working efficiently while taking care of the kids. A group like this can also create new businesses based on the needs of the group. They can not be the only moms in this situation, so coming up with work at home opportunities for other moms is something they can work on together. They can research and find the legitimate opportunities and help others fulfill their needs for working at home.

Another advantage of having a large network of other moms is they can help each other out when needed. If a mom is falling behind because of family issuesPsychology Articles, another mom can help her get the job done. They can swap favors and if they live close they can exchange babysitting or get out of the house for a while to work at a nearby library or café. Moms should not feel alone when trying to earn an income while staying home with the children.

Having a network of other moms who work at home can also be useful when trying to find a work at home business opportunity. They can share information about the best opportunities that offer the best income potential and also the ones that are fraudulent. They can protect each other from falling for scams and suffering the consequences. Also sharing each others success can motivate others to strive for a better life that they deserve.