Andvaris: Arise Work From Home Technical Equipment Guide

Andvaris: Arise Work From Home Technical Equipment Guide

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Hey guys welcome back to ANDVARIS virtual solutions. Today we’re going to go over all the technical equipment that you need to work from home I know I did a video where I previously unboxed some of the technical equipment and showed it to you guys but I’m going to show you how to find it, if you have none of it I’m going to show you where to go, where to search, how to find the best USB headset, how to find the best dial pad, and how to find the best computer and even show you, you know if you want to purchase a secondary monitor so you want to have two monitors to be able to work a little better from home I’m going to show you that as well alright let’s go ahead and get started. Hey guys welcome back ANDVARIS virtual solutions we are live here and I’m going to show you guys how to find your technical equipment I’ve already, did a little research free video so I can have it ready for you guys this is our ANDVARIS.COM our website let’s go here to technical requirements alright let’s take a look here alright now there’s our technical requirements page this is where you can read and get familiar with all of our or all of the technical requirements you know involved for you to be able to work from home for ARISE. As you can see we have the desktop or laptop the plain old telephone line or VoIP the USB headset, a dial pad and obviously you do need internet service and I’m going to show you everything this is the unboxing video here that I was talking to you guys about prior where I show you how I unboxed all the technical requirements needed for the position. But I guess in this video I’m going to show you how to find it and just how inexpensive it is to get started working from home see if you actually click on any one of these links here we’ve already made it easy for you guys so you can purchase it right from our website any one of these links will take you right to the item and you can just put it in you know go directly into your cart and you could purchase it from there. Now let’s go ahead and get started in you know, using our technical requirements page let’s start with the USB headset and you know I just happen to like Amazon, Amazon’s just really easy you go you find the item you purchase it you get it in the next few days I believe this is one that we have on our website here the micro USB headset here and remember guys it has to be a USB headset because it need to be plugged into your computer. I mean it’s super inexpensive this head set is $15 let’s go back over here yep $15 you want to be a little more expensive and find something a little more I guess known a little more branded Logitech here this Logitech is $29.99 and you know has a USB headset piece right there it should just fit perfectly and it should work perfectly alright that is it for the headset there. Let’s go and move on to the dial pad now once you’re done with training you’re going to need to have a dial pad look at all the choices you have here some of these won’t make sense but let’s stick to what we can get here let’s say you want, you’re on a tight budget and you want to just spend as little as possible the dial pad here with a headset it comes with a headset attached to it now this head set is where you will be using to take life cause okay the dial pad comes with the headset $20.99 I mean that’s super inexpensive you plug in your landline to the back of the dial pad as you can see here and you’re taking cause $20 guys and you have yourself a dial pad this is what the bundle looks like I showed this in my unboxing video and it wasn’t particularly this one but it was similar to this one and they work just as well.


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