Fifth Harmony – Work from Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Remastered Version]

Fifth Harmony – Work from Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Remastered Version]

hello, I did my best to create a studio version of “Work from Home” live. I may repost an updated version later, but in the mean time – enjoy !

Create a structured work at home environment. Make a to-do list every day and include all the projects you want to accomplish. Don’t forget to include emails and time for other correspondence and breaks. Set your goals by numbers such as writing 500 words instead of working a defined amount of time. A job perk for work at home business owners is being able to work when you can, not working a certain amount of hours per day.

Discuss with friends, family and neighbors that your work at home business truly is a business, and you cannot be bothered when you are working. Otherwise, you might be one person who “doesn’t work outside the home” that everyone calls on to run errands or to watch sick children. Let them know that even though you are home, you are not available for phone calls while you work at home. Set guidelines with your immediate family and children about what is a valid reason to interrupt your work.

It’s very important to schedule breaks while you work at home. Make a point of leaving your work to eat lunch and take an afternoon break to walk the dog or just get outside for a few minutes. It’s easy to do one more task or finish one last paragraph while you work at home alone. Getting wrapped up in your work can lead to getting stuck at your desk for much longer than you had planned. Scheduling in set breaks helps you to walk away from work and not allow your online home business to become your entire life.

Commitments can motivate you to keep working. Accepting work at home jobs that require a minimum amount of work can keep you focused on the work at hand. Deadlines are an excellent motivator as long as they are realistic. Finally, don’t expect to love your work at home right away. It takes time to adjust to the different work environment. Some people feel isolated at the beginning of their work at home career. Give yourself a few months to adjust to your home business before deciding if you want to return to your previous career.

Working at home is a different work environmentFeature Articles, but these few simple tips can help you stay productive and motivated building your home business.