The Incoming Reacts to Work From Home LIVE on Ellen DURING A TORNADO

The Incoming Reacts to Work From Home LIVE on Ellen DURING A TORNADO

In a desperate attempt to watch and react to Fifth Harmony on Ellen, we went out during a really bad storm that lasted a good 45 minutes tops. Of course we filmed during the worst of it. Also the camera is really out of focus for some reason (namely Josh) but we tried…

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What do you think you miss when you’re at work? That depends on where you work? If you work in an office, then you miss what goes on at home during the day… the lawn guy, the mail man, daytime television…big deal right?

What if you have children? That list would dramatically change and you would miss much more.

You would quite possible miss getting them off to school and greeting them when they come home. You would probably miss a lot of extra curricular activities… baseball games…dance recitals and competitions and the list could go on and on.

If you work in an office do you have time for any of that? Does your schedule allow it? Does your boss?

All these are great things to think about if you are trying to figure out if home business is for you. The greatest thing a home based business can afford you is time. You have complete control of your schedule. You decide when you work and when you spend time with your family. Anyone who tells you that isn’t true then either has never worked at home or hasn’t been successful at it.

Millions of people each day are leaving the office behind and heading for greener pastures. Don’t misunderstand. Its work and you need to have self discipline and the ability to stick to things but it can be very lucrative in both time and money.

Let’s say you’re not sure if you can stay focused with out a demanding boss at your back barking about deadlines and bottom lines. Let’s pretend, if only for a moment that you prefer to drive in rush hour traffic 250+ days a year… What do you think will go on while you’re at work, away on business or simply burning the midnight or weekend oil?

Here’s a quick and simple snapshot what you could miss in your family life if you continued to work at an office… If your children are young you will miss milestones…

The first time they roll over

Their first smile

Their first crawl

Their first steps

Their first words As they grow…

Little league and/or soccer games

Karate graduations Dance recitals

School assemblies, field days and class trips Birthday parties at school and sometime home

How about simply time – time you can’t get back no matter how much money you make.

Big picture family time…

Your spouses birthday Anniversary celebrations


Golf with friends – or other activities you enjoy.

What do you think you would miss out on in your professional life? Here’s a snapshot what you could be missing if you continued to work at an office… Control over your own life and calling the shots. Deciding on your own work schedule instead of having to fit your life into someone else’s schedule. Deciding what your worth instead of someone else determining what your salary should be and how hard you’ll have to work to make it. About 300 hours a year due to the dreaded commute. If you travel a bit over 30 minutes one way to work you can kiss almost 13 days a year good-bye. Who wants to spend 2 weeks in TRAFFIC!? The money you’re making for the other person you’re working hard for instead of working hard for yourself. Why should your hard work continue to make someone else rich? Shouldn’t it be you?

The list is endless. There are so many things you should have control over in your life that you simply just won’t if you work for someone else. You will be forever bound by their ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, profitable or not.

When you decide that you’re sick and tired of being controlled and driven by someone else idea of what’s importantArticle Submission, then it is time to make the change to working from home and for yourself.