Andvaris Arise IBO | How To Setup Your Work From Home Equipment

Andvaris Arise IBO | How To Setup Your Work From Home Equipment

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Hey guys welcome back to Andvaris Virtual Solutions and Arise IBO this is your host Anthony as usual, and today we’re going to get a little technical guys. I’m going to show you guys how to set up your work from home equipment like your USB Headset, your Dial Pad and your Hardwired Internet Connection. Alright, let’s get into it.
Alright guys let’s go ahead and get started here. I’m going to show you the whole setup with the USB headset let them put that right there so I’m going to show you the whole setup with the USB headset the dial pad and the headset a laptop and your router okay I’m going to show you this set up first and I’m going to show you how to do it with your actual desktop alright. Alright go ahead and get started now your USB headset which you will need for training you can go ahead and plug it in plug it into the USB port on your laptop like that, that’s set to go right there the USB headset ready to go put that right there now we’re going to go ahead and plug in this cable that comes with your dial pad to the back of the line here you see that to the line and plug it in right there put that down right there and then if you have a landline okay like regular old cool telephone landline I’m going to show you a picture that somewhere here on the screen and that’s what you would plug it in but if you have VoIP which is a voice over internet protocol you get your landline will come through your router and you are going to go ahead and plug that in right in here okay see that right there once you plug that in right there your dial pad is all set up and good to go.
So you have your USB headset plugged in you have your dial pad plugged into your router and then the last thing is guys an Ethernet cable for your hardwired connection remember you cannot service any client or work from home at all without having a hardwired internet connection let me show you you’re going to go ahead and open this up just for this perfectly to be open down much let’s go ahead and find the port for this here all right you guys see that right there go ahead and plug it in let me get out of the way plug it in right there BAM once you plugged it in right there and going to come to the back up again of your router you’re going to plug it in right there into the Ethernet spot you guys got that now we have the USB headset plugged in we have the dial pad plugged in to the router we have the Ethernet cable plugged into the router as well and we’re ready to go guys ready to service there is a setup of a laptop
And get started here with the desktop setup I hope you can see everything in the frame here I do have a pretty big size tower here but let’s show you how we hook it up to the desktop if you have a desktop and that’s what you’re using to service, this is what you’re going to do. So let’s start with the USB headset guys let’s start with the USB headset right here can I go ahead and take the USB end of it plug it in to the front of the computer the USB port is right there go ahead and run that right in there see right here giving me a hard time, perfect there we go we have it in the USB port now your USB headset is ready to go now let’s go ahead and plug in the dial pad same scenario guys you’re going to plug in the cable to where it says line right there on the dial pad BAM see put that down you going to take the ends of that cable and you’re going to run it to the back of your router right here where it says telephone says telephone line one right there and then plug that in and you’re in now guys remember , this if you have VoIP if you do have an old-school telephone service or line you’re going to plug that goes plugged into the wall jack okay i said i will show you guys a picture and I you guys saw the picture that I put up and if you have VoIP though this is where you plug it into.

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