Fifth Harmony – Work from Home Lyrics

Fifth Harmony – Work from Home Lyrics

“Work from Home” is a song recorded by American girl group Fifth Harmony featuring singer Ty Dolla Sign. It was released on February 26, 2016 as the first single from the group’s upcoming second studio album, 7/27 (2016). “Work from Home” was written by Joshua Coleman, Jude Demorest, Da, Tyrone Griffin, Jr., Alexander Izquierdo and Brian Lee.

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Deciding whether work at home data entry is the right type of work for you can rely on information only you can provide.  Here are a few of the factors to consider.

If you are the type of person who needs the excitement and stimulation of a cadre of co-workers around you;  if most of your friends are made at the office; if you love to get dressed up and go to work, then work at home data entry is probably not a good choice for you.  If, on the other hand, you hate the commute every day; if you are a self-starter; and if you want to earn an income where you don’t have to pay excessive costs for the privilege of working, then a home based job will probably suit your personality well.

Cost considerations

Work at home data entry allows you to eliminate the time that would have been spent getting ready to go to the work site and actually traveling to the work site in more productive efforts for which you actually are paid. Assuming that you have the same amount of work, you may find that you can get it done in much less time.  This will allow you to either increase your income, or only work part time for the same income as you were receiving previously. Typically, you will find that other expenses related to having an outside job will be reduced or eliminated.


If you have the type of personality that allows you to start and complete projects on time with meticulous accuracy, work at home data entry jobs may work very well for you.  You must like to organize your day and must be a self starter.  An enjoyment of research techniques is also helpful in many of the projects you will be doing. If you want to work at home, but miss the social interaction of the workplace, consider joining a health club or a neighborhood group that meets regularly on an informal basis.

Work Habits

How would you classify your work habits?  Are you a self starter, or do you have to be up tight against a deadline before you do your best work?  There is nothing wrong with either mode, but work at home data entry jobs may not be right for you if you find yourself unable to take the first step toward completion of the task that you have been given. If you are chronically disorganized, losing internet files or deleting important information from your contacts list, you will want to plan a back up recovery plan that can be implemented if and when you need it.

Corporate Benefits

From the corporate standpoint, work at home data entry jobs are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. For example, contracted labor usually costs the company less money because there are no fringe benefits, retirement, sick leave, vacation benefits and other costs related to employees.  Next, the company doesn’t have to pay the overhead costs of constructing and maintaining office space for many employees. The company will require fewer supervisory personnel, since there are fewer employees. In shortBusiness Management Articles, this type of labor force is a win-win situation for both the business and the workers.