How to Make Money Online: Email Marketing Tips We Used to Make $100,000+

How to Make Money Online: Email Marketing Tips We Used to Make $100,000+

Email marketing is my FAVORITE way to make millions of dollars in a business.

One recent email my company AppSumo sent made 6 figures in PROFIT… in only 24 hours.

Heck. Yes.

Email marketing wasn’t just a one-hit wonder for us either. It’s my #1 marketing trick in the multiple 7+ figure businesses I’ve started (including Sumo and AppSumo).

Today, I’m going to show you how you can be successful with email marketing in your own business.

It doesn’t matter if:
– You’ve never sent an email before
– You’re not collecting email addresses yet
– You still haven’t launched your product or service

These principles can help you make money with email marketing now. Or, when you’re ready in the future.

Learn how to make 6+ figures per email from me, the founder of AppSumo, and Ayman Al-Abdullah, the President of AppSumo.

3:41 Strategies to co-partner with other sites and makes lots of $$$
6:43 Common email mistakes costing you money
10:11 How much time should you spend writing an email?
11:53 One tip which can DOUBLE your email revenue
13:40 Proven methods to find your unique email “voice”
16:29 The copywriting tip experts use to get better


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Every person wants to make some extra cash right? Other than the full time job, we can find online part time jobs at freelance sites to make some extra money. There are many different kinds of jobs available at freelance sites. For example, there are data entry jobs, simple copywriting jobs, typing jobs, programming jobs etc.I prefer copywriting jobs over data entry jobs as the pay for copywriting jobs is much more; compared to data entry jobs. You can find technical and non technical jobs at freelancing sites. Freelancing site is a market place where service providers sell their services. Buyers on the other hand, come to freelance sites to buy these services. You need to spend some time at freelance sites to look for some job that you think you can do. After you find one, you will then need to place a bid on that project. Buyers then choose a wining bid among all bidders.Copywriting jobs are very easy to complete and there are hundreds of such jobs available at freelance sites. Everyday, buyers from all around the world come to these sites and open new copywriting jobs. You will see hundreds of new copywriting jobs everyday at freelance sites. Copywriting jobs are easily available plus they are easy to complete too. That is why I prefer these jobs. You don’t need any experience in copywriting work. You only need to write grammar and spelling error free English and that’s all. You can easily make $10-$50 per hour via doing copywriting jobs.I once got a copywriting project with a total budget of $750. The money I got for this project was great. About $30 per 500 words; Wow, isn’t this great? Well I guess it is right? Incase you want to do data entry jobs then that is ok too. You can make $5 to $10 or even higher via doing data entry work. But keep in mind that the pay for these jobs is much less compared to copywriting jobs.
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